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Absolutely! We offer a 14-day free trial to see if Boast is the right fit for you.

Try the Starter Plan free for 14 days from the day of registration.

A testimonial is a single, submitted video, photo or text piece that is submitted by someone through the submission form on your website, a link to your submission form or through the Boast mobile app.

Your monthly number of testimonials includes both unapproved testimonials that are on your dashboard and approved, live testimonials.

Yes! Embedding the testimonial submission form on one of your web pages will allow your customers to easily shoot a testimonial of themselves and upload their praise for your business.

Yes! People can submit a testimonial on a mobile device in one of three ways. They can download our iOS or Android mobile app, browse to the website submission page or navigate to a live link of the submission form which can be found within your account.

Campaigns are individual groupings of testimonials. Separate campaigns help you to know where your testimonials are coming from. For example, create a campaign for collecting testimonials at an event and another using an email newsletter. This will allow you to know what marketing outlet was most successful based on the number of testimonials in each campaign.

The iPad application now has a specific kiosk mode that gives you the ability to collect testimonials directly from customers. This is great for healthcare, banks and other professional services as well as events, conferences and trade shows. Just mount the iPad in a convenient place at your business or next event and encourage customers to submit their praise.

Each Boast subscription is attached to only one specific user account. This account can be shared among parties but there can only be one email and password associated with each account.

Absolutely. Every testimonial that is submitted appears on your account dashboard waiting to be reviewed. At that time you can approve each individual testimonial before it will appear on your website. You can even set up your campaign(s) to automatically approve testimonials.

Yes! You can easily download all photos, videos and text submitted by your customers. Your account must be active in order to access your testimonials and this feature.

Boast can be easily integrated with Facebook to both collect and display testimonials. Although you cannot collect testimonials through YouTube, you can display them in your YouTube channel.

If at any time you need to change you account status, you can make changes directly from the subscription page within your Boast account. The plans that you are eligible to switch to will be available on your subscription list. If you’d like to downgrade, you’ll need to first make sure that you haven’t created more than the max number of campaigns for that plan before doing so. If you need additional help, feel free to contact us!

When you cancel your account, your subscription will remain active through your current billing cycle and will not renew as it normally would. You will continue to have access to your Boast account until the end of your current billing period. At the end of your billing period, your Boast subscription will not renew, you will no longer be able to access anything in your Boast account. If you want to keep your testimonials, be sure to download them before your billing cycle ends so you do not lose them.

On the dashboard you will be able to view how many total testimonials you have for the month, what testimonials need reviewing, overall testimonial page views, how many videos have been viewed and when, what campaigns you have running and much more!

Yes! Our affiliate program gives you an easy way to recommend other businesses to use Boast. You can send them a special link from inside your account that they can then use to sign up for themselves. Once they create an account and start paying, you will start making some coin.

We do not offer a white label version at this time. We do offer the option to create a custom branded mobile application that is submitted to the app store as your own application to collect testimonials. However, this option is typically reserved for larger brands and organizations.

Typically the reason why the sound may be missing when people submit testimonials through a phone (using a link, not the mobile app) is because they need to enable their browser to use the phone’s microphone. To give Safari (iPhones) access to your microphone, you can simply go into your phone settings > privacy > microphone > switch Safari ON.

The video formats that work great for uploading are MP4, MOV and WMV.

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