Video content is extremely engaging and can improve the time that potential leads are on your website. But many times the interaction with potential leads stops there. To take advantage of the traffic that is influenced by your website’s video content you need to make strategic changes to the surrounding content to generate leads.

Here Are 4 Ways to Generate Leads With Video Content

#1: Add a Form As a Barrier to Valuable Video Content

When creating videos with an educational purpose, such as a webinar or an in-depth how-to video, it’s important to treat this video content like any other marketing content your company has created. Add a form as a barrier to this content to collect leads who find the content you’ve created valuable. Chances are these leads will align well with your company’s product or service.

#2: Put a Sign Up Form Next to Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are a great way to add credibility to your website. In order to take advantage of the social proof that these testimonials provide, you should add a sign up form or a form to access other relevant content on the page of your website where these are housed. Potential customers are influenced by the feedback of current customers more than your brand itself. Because of this, adding a next step on this page is a smart way to increase quality leads.

#3: Add Explainer Videos Throughout Your Website

Using video as a tool to explain content and next steps can persuade your potential leads. If the potential customer has access to a demo video, a preview of a webinar or other educational video content, it’s more likely they’ll submit your form to make a next step. Using video has a tool to get your message across is much more effective than using basic text.

#4: End Your Video Content With a Form

Finally, once you add video content throughout your website, you can incorporate a form that appears as soon as the video is completed. This form can be added through the video creation software you use to create your videos, or it can be created in the form of a strategically timed pop-up that only appears when your potential customer is leaving the page. The more seamless and simple you make filling out a form after watching a video, the more leads that you will generate with video content.

Video content is one of the best assets on your website. It’s easy for your potential customers to digest and allows them to become educated about your company. However, if you don’t provide those visitors a next step, it’s less likely they will become a lead. In order to generate leads with video content you need to be strategic about where and how you place forms to ensure you’re reaching potential customers at the perfect moment. How else have you gone about generating leads from your video content? Let us know in the comments below!

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