The dreaded one star rating. We’ve all seen businesses on Google with a one star rating, and immediately know to stay away. This can be detrimental for a business, and can unfortunately come after a single bad Google business review.

Get More Google Business Reviews with Boast

Customers mostly leave reviews when they have strong feelings, whether it’s positive or negative. This means that a few negative experiences can really shine through on your Google reviews if you’re not careful. On the bright side, however, this means that incorporating testimonial collection into your marketing strategy can round up a few extra-happy customers that can boost your review rating on Google.

How Does Boast Help You Get More Google Business Reviews?

Boast is an online application that easily collects and manages testimonials. Boast can be used to build testimonial collection forms, collect video testimonials, and manage or display the testimonials you receive. Although there is not a direct integration with Google Reviews, Boast can be used as a tool to help you vet all of your customers and find key brand advocates to cultivate Google reviews from.

Using Boast to get Google Business Reviews

No matter how many testimonials you are collecting, Boast will keep them in a single place and allow you to filter your testimonials based on an internal weight your team sets or organizational tags. You can also reference testimonial fields later so that a customer’s email address can be pulled into an email list.

Boast can also be incorporated into your site design

In the workflow strategy below, you might be able to use a form on your website to collect data or use a Google survey tool. The downside of this is that your testimonials will have to be manually preserved, sorted, and hard coded into your website if you’d like to display them in any way. Instead, using Boast can help you streamline your testimonial process all in one place. Using Boast display widgets you can display all of your testimonials on a designated page on your website, or place your testimonials that relate to a specific product or service you offer right on that specialized page. This allows you to be in control of the conversation surrounding your brand.

How do I go about getting more Google Business Reviews?

If you’re looking for methods to gather testimonials from your customers, we’ve written blog posts about collecting testimonials in the past.

The only downside to collecting mass amounts of testimonials directly to Google might mean that you amass the wrong kinds of reviews. You don’t want to invite an unsatisfied customer to review your business before you have the chance to improve their opinion.

The solution: use an email workflow to see who should be encouraged to review your business on Google.

Get More Google Business Reviews

An example email workflow to get more Google Business Reviews Using Boast:

If you don’t use any marketing automation software for your business, these emails would have to be sent to customers individually. If you use a marketing automation software like Mailchimp or HubSpot, these emails can be set up and sent without you having to do much manual work. Using an email workflow will allow you to connect with your customers at different points in the sale process, recognize customers that may not be having the best experience with your brand to better assist them and find your brand advocates to lead them to your Google Business page for a review.

First Email

Subject Line: Have 5 Minutes? Leave Us a Video Testimonial

Google Business Reviews Using Marketing AutomationHowever you write this email, you should try to make your customers feel more comfortable recording their video testimonial. It could be important to include that a customer’s testimonial won’t be displayed in it’s entirety on your homepage, for example.

If you use Boast to collect your video testimonial, you can download the video file, edit, and re upload into the Boast web app if you plan to use it on your site.

Why send this email? This will automatically filter for people who have strong feelings about your business.

Second Email

Subject Line: Thank You for the Video Testimonial!

This is a standard followup email that should be sent to anyone who submitted a text or video testimonial to you.

Why send this email? After this email is sent, you will have the time to review submitted testimonials and determine who you think you should ask to leave you a Google business review.

Third Email

Subject Line: Based on Your Review, We Want You to Review Us on Google

The body content of this email might look something like this:

“We’re always trying to make sure that our customers are happy. Apparently, it seems like we did good by you. Help us continue to help new customers by reviewing us on Google. In return, we’ll stop asking you for so many testimonials.”

Why send this email? This is the final email sent to customers who might be able to provide you with a good review on Google.

Using a workflow similar to the workflow outlined above will help you identify your top brand advocates. This in turn will allow you to manage negative feedback on your own terms, outside of the public eye, while also giving you the opportunity to cultivate and showcase your top advocates. Using Boast as a tool to get more Google Business Reviews will put you in the driver’s seat allowing you to better control the conversation surrounding your brand.

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