Our customers have given us valuable feedback, and we’ve been listening. We’ve made some changes to Boast and upgraded features to give you more usability and make the platform easier to use. Here’s everything you need to know about Boast’s new features, and how you can use these changes to collect more testimonials.

Please note that these changes will not affect your current collection forms or the testimonials you’ve already received. These changes and new features affect the navigation within Boast. You’ll notice a few sections have been rearranged, but none of your information will be lost.

Boast’s New Features: Everything You Need to Know

Request Testimonials Directly From Boast

With the testimonial request tab, you can send your customers emails to ask for testimonials straight from Boast

It’s now easier than ever to manage all of your testimonial collection and promotion right from Boast. With the new testimonial request feature, you can send your requests without ever leaving the platform.

Start by logging into your Boast account. Click Testimonial Requests and you can send testimonial request emails, a custom message, and a link to your preferred testimonial collection form. Use our testimonial request emails that work to find the right messaging to go along with your requests. Or, you can simply include your customer’s name and email, and we’ll provide an automated message with customized fields.

Email Notifications

testimonial email updates
Use email notifications under My Profile to stay on top of your campaign.

To keep your testimonial collection process on track, we’ve also added a feature to remind you when it’s time to ask your customers for testimonials. You can turn this feature on or off as needed, so you can receive reminders when you’re collecting testimonials and opt out when you aren’t. If you decide to receive email notifications, you’ll get weekly updates.

You’ll find this feature in your dashboard under My Profile. You can turn these notifications on or off under the prompt, “Remind me to request testimonials from our audience.” If you’d prefer to receive messages only for certain testimonial collection forms, you can also find this notification by selecting Collection Forms, New Collection Form or Edit, and Settings.

Campaigns Are Now Collection Forms

collect testimonials campaign
The old Campaigns tab functions are now in the Collection Forms section.

Instead of the Campaigns section of the navigation within Boast, you’ll now find everything you need under the Collection Forms tab. The Collect Testimonials and My Campaigns functions will both live under the Collection Forms section. From this area you’ll be able to easily manage the testimonial gathering process. From here, you can submit testimonials, request them, and integrate with third party tools like Facebook, YouTube, MailChimp and ConstantContact.

Custom Headers and Footers

custom header footer
When you create a new form or edit an old one, you can now customize your header and footer.

When you create a new form in the Collection Forms area, or when you edit an existing form, you can now add a custom header and footer to more easily brand and style your form. If you have some knowledge of HTML, or you know someone who does, you can insert code to stylize these areas of your collection form.

You’ll find this feature in the Settings area when you make a new form or edit an existing one.

Custom Thank You Messages

boast new features custom thank you messages
You can now create different thank you message based on star-ratings.

After your customer submits a testimonial, it’s helpful to let them know that you’ve received it, or, if you are running a contest or giveaway, give them a way to redeem their prize. We’ve made it easier to customize your thank you message, and give different thank you messages to different customers.

You’ll find this feature when you create a new testimonial collection form, or edit an existing one. Simply select Thank You Messages. Here, you can decide to display a thank you message, or redirect to another page. You can also customize thank you messages based on the star-rating your customer gives. For example, if your customer gives you five stars, you might want to include an additional request for a Google Review. Simply drop in the link to your Google Business page and add a message like, “We’re so glad you had a great experience! Would you mind sharing your thoughts on our Google page?”

If your customer gives you one or two stars, consider a different message like, “We’re sorry you didn’t have a good experience. We appreciate you letting us know, so we can fix the problems you encountered.” If you have a discount, free service or another way to possibly change their mind or ease their complaint, offer this as well.

We’ve also made it easier to edit and format your thank you message content. You can now use headings, insert links, color your text, insert images, and use other formatting options you would normally use on a webpage or blog post. The custom headers and footers you formatted for your form will also carry over to your thank you message.

These new features are designed to give you a better experience using Boast, and to make your testimonial collection process easier, whether you’re collecting a few testimonials or hundreds. If you have questions about these features, we’re happy to help. Take a look at our support materials to learn more, or send us a message using our online messaging service.

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