What Defines a Successful Campaign for You?

To begin planning, ask yourself, Why am I running a testimonial campaign, and what do I want to get out of it? Keeping an overall goal and idea in mind throughout the planning and execution of your campaign will allow you to measure the success of your campaign and know if the campaign was worth the time, resources, and effort you put into it. The best goals can be answered with a simple yes or no. Think, Did we receive X number of testimonials or Did we generate more website traffic as a result of the campaign? 


Are Your Goals Realistic?

Are Your Goals Realistic?

Apart from your primary goal, you should establish smaller goals that you’ll need to reach in order to accomplish the big goal. Things you should keep in mind include how many testimonials you need and what response rate it would take for your campaign to be worth your investment. These numbers will help shape the rest of your testimonial campaign in bringing you the best results. Keeping a spreadsheet of your goals and outcomes will allow you to clearly and concisely report on the success of your campaign.

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Collecting the right testimonials

Collecting the Right Testimonials

In addition to numeric goals, you should also know what content you want to collect with your campaign. There are several ways to ensure you’re asking the right questions when requesting testimonials, which we will cover in further detail with Week 3 Part A: Asking the Right Questions. However, the first step is determining what you want to know from your customers. What are the top questions and concerns potential customers have that your testimonials need to address? Knowing this will help you gather the right content from your customers and make your testimonial campaign as effective as possible.

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