Collect Testimonials on Your Website

Create a page on your website where visitors can submit a testimonial. You can either build a form yourself or use a third party testimonial collection service. This will allow you to promote a link to the page via your newsletter, personal emails, social media, links throughout your website, or even traditional marketing outlets like postcards and flyers. Having the form available on your website also expands the possibilities of who can find it and submit a testimonial.

Web PageWhat You’ll Need

To collect testimonials on your website, you will likely want a well designed and maintained website, as well as a page specifically for your testimonial campaign that identifies instructions and terms. This page will need a form that you create, or an embedded form using a third party service. While you don’t need this to launch your campaign, at some point you will want a designated web page for displaying the testimonials you have collected.

Mobile App

Depending on your audience, the easy accessibility of a mobile app incorporated into your campaign will make the process of submitting a testimonial a bit more enjoyable. There are testimonial apps, such as Boast, that exist just for this purpose, or you could have a mobile app custom made for your organization. Collecting testimonials through a mobile app is perfect for on-the-go events or collecting testimonials from customers in person.

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Web PageWhat You’ll Need

You will either need a developer to make the app for you, or a partnership with a third party provider for your mobile application. If you plan to have your team collect testimonials from customers, you will need devices equipped with the app. If you plan to have your customers download the mobile app, it is highly important to provide clear instructions on how to submit a testimonial so you eliminate as many barriers as possible and achieve the best submission rate.

Photo Booth or Video Kiosk

For storefronts, trade shows, or conferences and events, setting up a photo booth or video kiosk can be another way to engage your customers and convince them to submit a testimonial. This makes it easy for users to submit a testimonial, and won’t require much assistance from you. For example, if your testimonial campaign is part of a sweepstakes, you can set up a kiosk at your storefront, allowing patrons submit their praise while you are attending to other customers in the store.

Ipad KioskWhat You’ll Need

If you plan to collect testimonials with a photo booth or video kiosk, you will need a tablet or iPad to collect the testimonials as well as a kiosk for housing the device. For example, Boast’s testimonial app is available through iPad,  just lock it in kiosk mode for easy collection.

Facebook Page

Using Facebook for business purposes is obviously beneficial due to the amount of users on the social media platform, but collecting testimonials on Facebook has the added benefit of social amplification. When a user submits a testimonial on your Facebook page, it is easy for them to share that with their friends, helping to get the word out about your testimonial campaign. You definitely want to know your audience before deciding to host a testimonial campaign on Facebook, but if Facebook is a platform that makes sense for the people you are targeting, it will allow you to both collect your testimonials and promote your campaign from the same place.

Social Media CollateralWhat You’ll Need

If you plan to collect testimonials on your Facebook page, you will want to have an established Facebook page that has a good social following. You will also need an application that will allow you to collect testimonials on your Facebook page. There are specific testimonial applications that offer Facebook integration, or you can create your own collection form and embed it on your Facebook page using a Facebook HTML app.

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