Barriers & Hesitations:

When making purchasing decisions for a product or service there are barriers and hesitations unique to each potential customer. For your product, service, or event what do you think are the biggest barriers and hesitations that exist? Once you define them, write a few questions that will prompt the customer to address them.

barriers and hesitations


What were you afraid of before doing business with us and how did we ease that worry?
What was your biggest fear about purchasing our product or service?


You probably have a loyal following of brand advocates, but the money’s in the details in terms of bringing in new business. Potential customers watching testimonials don’t just want to know that your clients love your business; they want to know why. Think about what makes your company unique and ask questions that allow customers to bring up specific details about their experience.



What was your favorite feature of the product you purchased?
What was the best part about the service you were provided?
What was your favorite part about the event you attended?


More than anything you want your testimonials to have personality. Each of your customers are unique, and you want that variety to shine through. A way to bring personalities to light are by making the testimonials more conversational. Customers will open up more when they feel they are having a casual conversation.



If you were to recommend us to someone who would it be and why?
Would you recommend our product or service to your best friend?


The employees of your company are what make your brand. Asking questions that will allow customers to reflect on who they worked with within your company and why they were so great will allow potential customers to become more familiar with your staff before they do business with you.



Who was your main point of contact and how did they help you?
What was your favorite part about working with employee “x”?


Every industry has buzzwords that potential customers use as a means of comparison. Think about what some of those buzzwords in your industry may be and write them down. Chances are, you strive to be or do all of the words you just listed. The best way to bring these to light in a testimonial are to ask questions that allow customers to simplify their thoughts.



If you were to describe our company in 3 words, what would they be?
What qualities stick out the most about our company?

Goals & Results:

No matter what type of business you are, each of your customers comes to you with a goal in mind, and you provide them with results. Take a minute to think about the most common goals that a typical customer would have when doing business with you. From there, list the results associated with those goals. Humans are very goal-driven by nature, and asking questions that allow your customers to reflect on their goals and the outcome of doing business with you is a perfect way to wrap up a testimonial.

Goals and Results


What task were you trying to complete and how did it get finished?
What goal did you have in mind prior to our service?
What goal did you have in mind prior to purchasing our product?

Now that you have brainstormed a list of questions specific to your company, it’s time to put them to use! The key to using these questions to your advantage is to switch things up. Asking a variety of questions will help you create a more diverse feed of testimonials, and therefore cater to a more diverse audience of potential customers.

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