Strategic Organization:

Chances are you have a few segmented customer groups that you work with every day. These customer groups find value in different communication and content produced by your company. It is a smart practice to organize your collected testimonials for optimal user experience. Once you have an internal organization system set up, like a tagging system for example, this will help you put the right testimonials in front of the right potential customers for your business, and help you increase your campaign’s effectiveness.

strategic organization

What you’ll need:

A tagging system adopted by your entire team to organize your testimonials. Create a list of testimonial attributes that you feel are a good way to organize your testimonials. These can be based on content, product or service described, or questions answered – the possibilities are endless. Whichever categories you adopt will help you strategically target the right audience.

Promote on Social Media:

The more places potential customers can find these testimonials, the more likely they are to be influenced and persuaded by your company.  Using social media marketing can increase your brand recognition, brand loyalty, and better your search engine rankings. Post your collected testimonials on your established social media sites to increase your reach.

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promote on Social Media

What you’ll need:

An established social media page and a social media strategy. Instead of just posting these testimonials at random times onto your social media pages, build your following and use them for engagement. Find the best times to post, the most receptive content, and a way to create a conversation around the testimonials you show. Also, if there’s a way to simply place your testimonial feed on your social media site, like Boast’s Facebook integration for example, this is a smart practice to increase testimonial views and engagement.

Integrate with Google Analytics:

Integrate your collected testimonials on your Google Analytics page to track traffic and interactions. Use the data collected as a part of your weekly or monthly campaign standard and this will keep you on track throughout your campaign.

integrate with google analytics

What you’ll need:

  1. A Google Analytics account attached to your website to track traffic.
  2. Your testimonials embedded on your site.
  3. An understanding on how to interpret and use various stats surrounding testimonial traffic including views and clicks.
  4. A plan on how to use these statistics to optimize your testimonial reach – play around with what works and what doesn’t by tracking traffic.


Download Testimonial Videos & Photos:

If you’ve collected video and photos as a part of your testimonial collection form, there is opportunity to use those in other ways. This content can be used in newsletters, customer spotlights, maybe even an advertisement for your brand. As long as you have the necessary agreement in place, the marketing possibilities are endless.

Download Testimonial Videos and Photo

What you’ll need:

A video or photo editor. Some popular free editors are:

Email Newsletter:

Chances are, the service you’re using to collect testimonials allows you to collect customer information as well. Why not use that to your advantage? Integrating your testimonials with an email service, like Mailchimp for example, allows you continue the conversation with your loyal customers and send them exclusive content. This will help you strengthen customer relationships by delighting them with meaningful content, exclusive deals, and company updates. You can also send a sample of your collected testimonials out to customers in a newsletter format.

Email Newsletter

What you’ll need:

  1. An e-mail marketing service – MailchimpConstant Contact, DotMailer.
  2. Established customer list to target – Import existing contacts and collect new contacts from your testimonial submission form.
  3. A strategy on how to implement the testimonials into your monthly, weekly, or even daily marketing emails.

Customer Spotlight:

Testimonials are a great tool to collect meaningful content from your customers. You may uncover information that you were unaware of along the way. Some of your collected testimonials can be treated as a pre-survey to a future customer spotlight or case study. Once you have a basic understanding of your customers positive experience, why not dig deeper? Another wonderful brand enforcer is showing a full story about others who had results and what those results were. Customer spotlights or case studies are a great way to use your collected testimonials to their full potential.

Customer Spotlight

What you’ll need:

  1. A customer who is willing to elaborate on their story. (Chances are if they’ve already taken the time to submit a testimonial they are a great candidate for a customer spotlight!)
  2. A list of questions.
  3. Pick your content strategy – Documentary-style video, Infographic, Case study, etc.
  4. Pick a way to share the content – Company website, on a company blog, on social media sites, or in a newsletter.

And there you have it! You have created a well-oiled testimonial machine equipped to increase conversions and customer engagement. Now sit back, relax, and watch as all of your hard work pays off.

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