With the explosion of online content, it’s harder to cut through the clutter and engage users. The way people engage is changing rapidly as well with 34% of smartphone users going online mostly using their phones, and not on a desktop, laptop, or other device. Micro-moments are becoming a popular and smart solution to rapidly and effectively share content for your brand to specifically engage mobile users. Video testimonials can be a simple and impactful way for your company to start producing mobile-friendly micro-moments.

Woman using phone to view micro-moments

What is a micro-moment?

A micro-moment is a short, digestible form of content that only needs a glance to be interpreted. These moments typically answer a searched question and require an action or can be consumed and acted on later. Micro-moments are a great way for your brand to engage with your target audience through mobile. More specifically, video micro-moments are extremely impactful, and grab users attention right from their mobile devices.

The 4 types of video Micro-moments:

Think with Google discusses video micro-moments and describes them as split into 4 different categories. These categories surround the types of questions users turn to video content to answer:

Video Micro Moments What Do They Mean for Your Video Strategy – Think with GoogleThese categories of moments are what users are typically searching for on their phones. When consumers are searching for these questions they will be most impacted by a concise video that helps them answer the question at hand as fast as possible. For example, if someone searching “I want to know how to bake a cake”, and your company is a bakery that’s posted a quick step-by-step video on the easiest cake to make, you’re on your way to delighting potential customers and ultimately winning new business by becoming top of mind. Your company needs to work to create video micro-moments that make sense for your brand. Start by thinking of these 4 category questions and find where you can create content that answers them for your product or service.

Start creating video micro-moments for your brand:

One way to start creating video micro-moments for your brand are with new and existing video testimonials. Video testimonials answer the categories “I-want-to-know” and “I-want-to-buy” when users search these questions online. Creating an easily accessible feed of video testimonials that can be found when searching for your brand online helps your company answer lingering questions that potential customers may have. Let your loyal customers do the talking and demonstrating for you to help build brand credibility. Using video testimonials as micro-moments on mobile helps your brand get the reach and engagement it needs to make an impact.

Companies using video testimonials as micro-moments:

TYME, a company that sells a unique hair straightener used to curl hair, has created buzz on Facebook with their video micro-moments. They feature demonstration testimonials of everyday people using their straightener to curl their hair with ease. They have now accumulated hundreds of these videos which help them cater to a broader target audience of different hair types, and style preferences. In minutes I can find a video of a woman with my hair type quickly and effortlessly using their product, and at that point I’m convinced because it is relatable content for me. This form of micro-moment helps users quickly figure out how to use the product and creates a buzz, excitement, and credibility around it.

TYME Facebook Video Micro-moments

Fiverr, a company that allows businesses to connect with free lance providers for anything from voice-overs to content creation, uses video testimonials as micro-moments on social media. The content that is posted targets both the freelancers and businesses that could use their services. Its quick, digestible content answers lingering questions that potential users of the site might have from both ends of the spectrum. In less than 15 seconds the video micro-moment helps me to understand the main function of the company and influences me to use its services.

Fiverr Video Micro-Moment

Creating video micro-moments that answer the 4 main question categories for your brand will help you continually delight consumers. This type of content is quick and easy to consume, and is imperative now that smartphones are the number one way consumers are seeking information. A great place to start to build credibility and quickly produce micro-moment content is with customer video testimonials. Overall, micro-moments are becoming more impactful than any other type of content and should be created at a high quantity to cut through the clutter.

What types of micro-moment content has your brand produced?

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