Customer video testimonials are extremely effective at promoting social proof for your brand. In fact, customer testimonials have the highest reported effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing with a rating of 89%. With that in mind its a no brainer that video testimonials would be a great marketing resource to re-purpose as an advertisement for your brand. Promoting video ads on Facebook increases brand recognition and influences potential customers that may not have been aware of your brand before.

Find out how to turn your Boast video testimonials into Facebook ads:

First, you’ll need to access the video file of your desired customer testimonial. We make it easy with Boast to not only display testimonials on your website but use your video testimonials time and time again by making them accessible from your dashboard. In a few simple clicks you’ll have the video mp4 file ready to use directly on your desktop.

How to download a Boast video testimonial

  1. login to your Boast account
  2. Select the “My Testimonials” tab on the left hand navigation bar
  3. Locate the customer video testimonial you’d like to download
  4. Click “edit” on your desired video testimonial
  5. On the right hand side of the edit screen you will see a link to “view the original video” – right click this link and select save as to save it to your desktop
  6. Optional: Use a 3rd party editor to edit the testimonial and get it advertisement ready

Before you post your video testimonial as an advertisement, there are a few legal considerations you must keep in mind. Once you confirm your video testimonial is not breaking any laws, it can work as great as a company video ad, especially on Facebook. Facebook ads can be highly targeted and cost effective. That’s why they’re a great option to promote your brand online. With updated Facebook features such as video auto-play, you can effectively reach your target audience from their timeline with hard-to-ignore content.


How to upload a Facebook video ad:

#1 Click the arrow on the top right corner of your Facebook dashboard and click create ads. This will lead you to your Facebook ad dashboard where you create all Facebook ads from text to video. Keep in mind that your business Facebook page must be selected before you begin creating ads.

#2 Select the objective get videos views at the bottom of the objective list. This is the only objective that allows you to promote a video as your Ad media. If you are however looking to accomplish a different objective in the future, there are other ad style options that include photos and different call to actions that you can select from.

step 2

#3 Create an ad account for your video testimonial ad. This account will house the information you select for this ad so that you can make future changes once it’s created, and add similar ads that fit the category to it in the future.

step #3

#4 Set your target audience. You can decide who you want to target with this specific video by the person’s age, gender, location, behavior and interests. You can also use the “Create a Custom Audience” feature to create an audience specified by your Facebook friends, your website visitor demographics, or your app users.

step 4

#5 Set your budget. There are a few different ways that you can set up your budget. The first thing you will choose is whether you want to set a daily or lifetime budget. The main difference is that a daily budget is an estimate of what you’d like to reach each day with your ad, where as a lifetime budget is what you can spend on your ad in a specific period of time. With a lifetime budget you can also utilize the scheduling tool to choose what days and times of day you’d like your ad to appear.

step 5

#6 Upload your desired Boast video testimonial and select a thumbnail image from the video that is eye catching. Once the video is uploaded you can choose where you’d like it to appear by selecting Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed, Instagram, or Desktop Right Column. You can also choose what the surrounding text reads, the call to action you want to viewer to see, a link to your website or offer, and finally what you want the link to be displayed as.

step 6

#7 Click place order to publish your video testimonial ad. Once your order is placed, your ad will begin to appear on Facebook to the audience you’ve customized at the times you’ve specified. Monitor your ads progress by the the number of views and clicks it is receiving to see if the details you set are allowing your ad to perform at it’s best.


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