Facebook has become a versatile social platform that is used for much more than personal pages. As it has evolved, it has become incredibly important to have business Facebook pages. Consumers expect to be able to find your brand online and on various social media sites. Facebook has cultivated so much information over the years that it has turned into a form of search engine for consumers and businesses alike. That’s why it’s incredibly important to showcase testimonials and reviews on Facebook.

Testimonials and Reviews on Facebook Build Social Proof

Building Credibility on Facebook

Since Facebook is often used as a tool to learn about your company, your consumers will expect to see what your customers think of your brand. That’s why it’s important to cultivate a robust feed of social proof on your page. You should build up your Facebook reviews as well as spend time showing customers testimonials and case studies to ensure that you give potential customers a good representation of your brand. Facebook reviews, customer testimonials and customer case studies are different forms of social proof, so using a combination of the 3 will help you build credibility quicker.

Facebook Reviews

Building Facebook reviews is one part of building social proof on your Facebook page. Facebook reviews are a scoring system that allows customers to rate their experience with your brand and leave a comment. Because this rating system is a prominent part of your Facebook page, if you opt to have reviews on your page, it’s important to take time to cultivate them from your customers. One way is to integrate Facebook reviews into your sales process. Another way is to link over to your Facebook review section from your website. Whichever way you decide to build your Facebook review feed, it’s important that if you commit to showcasing reviews that you spend time building them.

Adding Testimonials to Facebook

Aside from Facebook reviews, which is an option on every Facebook page, adding testimonials to your Facebook page is equally as important. Testimonials differ from reviews because testimonials are in your hands. Once you’ve taken the time to collect customer testimonials, you can add them to your Facebook page by embedding them into a new tab on your page. You can also share these individually by pasting customer testimonials as posts. In addition to testimonials, posting case studies that elaborate on customer success is also a great way to share social proof on your Facebook page. Both of these formats give you the opportunity to shape what positive feedback is shared, which allows you to give more context and details about your customer relationships. This will give you the opportunity to show real numbers, growth and experiences that are typically more detailed than your average Facebook review.

Facebook has become a necessity for businesses. Using it as a tool to showcase your social proof allows you to build your brand and increase your leads and customers. Showcasing testimonials and reviews on Facebook allows you to have a diverse feed of content with the same common goal of building credibility.


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