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Successful events create great experiences. Capture feedback and measure success with Boast.

How are event organizers using Boast?

Get more out of your next conference or event with a unique way of capturing feedback and praise from your attendees. Whether you are looking for constructive input to improve your presentation or convincing testimonials to drive more attendees to your next event, Boast can help. Boast makes it easy to collect and review feedback and helps you get a better response in providing a fresh, fun way for your guests to tell you what they think.

Boast is flexible, and the possibilities are endless. For your inspiration, here are some ways that conference and event organizers are getting creative with Boast.

Video Testimonials

Credible praise from satisfied customers is key to closing more sales with less work. Use Boast, and your video testimonials will speak for themselves.

Customer Feedback & Reviews

Constructive feedback can be a highly valuable sales tool. Ask customers to compare you to your competition and share why they prefer to do business with you.

Sweepstakes & Giveaways

Giveaways are great for building brand awareness, but they can get stale fast. Mix things up by using Boast to collect video submissions for your next giveaway.

Conducting Surveys

Collect post-event feedback by using Boast to ask questions regarding your event. Video submissions can help you to get a better sense of how your guests are feeling.

Getting Started is Easy

customer surveys

Add the submission from to your website

online reviews

Create a page on your site to showcase testimonials

video testimonials

Ask your customers to submit their praise

Wondering if Boast is right for your conference or event?