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Point conversations in the right direction with Boast.

How are restaurants using Boast?

Successful restaurants get people talking. No matter how great the experiences are that you provide for your customers, you’ll struggle to pick up new diners if you aren’t fueling conversations. Boast makes it fun and easy for customers to share their experiences and simple for you to approve their praise before sharing it with the world. Need a way to engage customers and build awareness for your brand? Boast is here to help.

Video Testimonials

Credible praise from satisfied customers is key to closing more sales with less work. Use Boast, and your video testimonials will speak for themselves.

Customer Feedback & Reviews

Constructive feedback can be a highly valuable sales tool. Ask customers to compare you to your competition and share why they prefer to do business with you.

Employee Interviews

Use Boast to speed up the hiring process. Get quick insights into potential hires before you meet them by having them submit a short video.

Sweepstakes & Giveaways

Giveaways are great for building brand awareness, but they can get stale fast. Mix things up by using Boast to collect video submissions for your next giveaway.

Getting Started is Easy

customer surveys

Add the submission from to your website

online reviews

Create a page on your site to showcase testimonials

video testimonials

Ask your customers to submit their praise

Wondering if Boast is right for your restaurant?