When using your Boast account, the first page that you’re able to view is your dashboard. This page of stats allows you to quickly pull information about your Boast testimonial campaign to use for reporting or status purposes. If you’d like to dig a bit further there are a few other stats that you can pull for reporting and you can also set up tracking in Google Analytics for more long term statistics. If you just need quick stats, interpreting stats on your Boast Dashboard will help you find those numbers quickly.

Here’s an overview on how to interpret stats located on your Boast dashboard:

#1 Total Testimonials

The first stat that can be viewed on your Boast account is a no brainer. It’s your total testimonial count. You can reference this number to see how many testimonials you’ve collected since you’ve created your account vs. the monthly amount you’ve reached this month.

Total testimonials Boast dashboard

#2 Page Views

The next stat in your Boast account is your page view stat. This lets you know how many page views the pages that your submission form is on has gotten. This includes pages that you’ve embedded the form to as well as the landing page generated with the link.

Page views Boast Dashboard

#3 Video Plays

This stat in your Boast account lets you know how many total video plays your video testimonials have gotten.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 10.54.53 AM

#4 Individual Video Views

If you’re wondering how many views an individual video has gotten you will head over to your “My Testimonials” tab in your Boast account. Once in your “My Testimonials” tab you will select edit on the video you’d like to view stats on. Once you have the edit view open you can view the number of video plays which are located under the media content on the right-hand side of the screen.

individual video plays Boast Dashboard

#5 Submitted Testimonials

This Boast stat section is straight forward as well. The submitted video list will show you the most recent submitters names as well as when they submitted their testimonial. By clicking on the submitters name from this view you are led directly to the edit screen of their testimonial.

Submitted Testimonials Boast Dashboard

#6 Viewed Testimonials

The viewed testimonials table will show you your page views and overall video plays each month. This stat allows you to quickly evaluate how a campaign is preforming month to month and whether or not you need to continue to promote your form.

Viewed testimonials Boast Dashboard

#7 Submissions Graph

The submissions graph on the dashboard gives you another format to view your monthly form submissions. This will allow you to visually see how a campaign is preforming over time and what time of year you could make improvements.

Submissions Graph Boast Dashboard

#8 Views Graph

Finally, the views graph on the dashboard gives you another format to view your monthly overall video testimonial views. This will allow you to visually see if you need to post your display widget in other areas, like the Facebook integration for example. Or if you need to promote your video testimonial landing page more frequently.

Views graph Boast Dashboard

Depending on the life of your account the stats dashboard will automatically change the date or time range. For example if your account is brand new and you’ve only been actively collecting testimonials for a month, the stats will be on a time frame basis. Once your account has been active for longer it will change to weeks and then months. Using these Boast stats you can quickly analyze how your campaign is preforming and where you can make quick changes to either get more testimonial submissions or video views.

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