Here at Boast we’ve been working hard to expand your options. We recently launched two new display widgets with an entirely new look. Check them out below, and find out how to get them up and running on your site.

What Do The New Display Widgets Look Like?

(Click on them- They expand!)

Vertical Cards


Horozontal Cards


How Do I Add Social Sharing Buttons?

To add social sharing buttons simply choose “yes” in the “Show Twitter & Facebook Social Sharing Options” drop down box when you set your display configuration. This will automatically update your embed code accordingly.

Social Sharing Display Configuration

Once you choose to have social sharing buttons on either the horozontal cards or vertical cards display style, users will have the option to share the testimonials in your display feed on Twitter or Facebook. Here is an example of display widget 2 with social sharing buttons added.

Social Sharing Buttons

How Do I Get The New Display Widgets On My Site?

Sign into your Boast account and click on the “Display Testimonials” Tab. Set your configuration by campaign, tags, order, the number of testimonials you want to show, and then choose the type of display widget you want. Finally, select whether you’d like the social sharing buttons to appear. As you set your configuration, the display widget embed code below will automatically be updated. We’ve added an active view at the bottom of the page that will give you a live preview of what your display widget will look like as you change your configuration.  Once the configuration portion is how you’d like, copy either the Javascript or HTML iFrame embed code. Paste this piece of code wherever you had your old display widget code pasted, and wa-la the widget will be updated on your website. These same steps apply to updating the widget on your Facebook page as well.

Keep in mind, If you have a display widget embedded in multiple places, you will need to update the code in each of those places to change the style of your widget. Need help updating your account with the new widgets, or have some feedback? Let us know and we will get in touch!


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