We live in a high-tech, mobile-world where convenience is everything. If we can’t do something in a matter of seconds, we ponder if it’s worth our time.

This is no exception when it comes to collecting customer stories and reviews. The strength of a customer review goes far beyond a simple ego boost and becomes part of a powerful and effective sales and marketing strategy. But again, capturing these reviews requires organizations to get people to take the time to make them first, which becomes an obstacle in itself. One of the most effective and straight forward ways to go about getting people to participate is to get them on location and on the spot. That’s where the idea of the locking the Boast app in mobile kiosk mode came from.
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How Kiosk Mode Works

The great thing about setting up Boast in kiosk mode is that it’s not only simple to use, but it’s also easy to set up. Here are quick steps to take to set up kiosk mode:

  • Designate an iPad that you will use to lock the app in kiosk mode. Learn how to lock your iPad in kiosk mode here.
  • Select a location and how you want to make the iPad available for people to use. You can simply lay it out on a table for visitor to use at their convenience, or you can set it up on an actual stand like Armodilo’s kiosk stand for more of an experience.
  • Invite your friends, visitors and customers to create and submit a photo or video.
  • Once the photo or video is submitted, it will show up in your Boast account under “My Testimonials” to be reviewed and approved.
  • After it is approved, the testimonial will show up on your website through the embed form and on your YouTube channel (after you’ve integrated Boast with YouTube).

Live Kiosk Mode Example

One of the companies that helped put this idea into action was National Grid – a multinational electricity and gas utility company. National Grid was looking for a way to collect employee feedback in-house, as a way of getting feedback from their large employee pool, and came across Boast as a solution.

After a good brainstorm and a few hours, we came up with the idea of locking an app in Kiosk Mode on an iPad, which would allow their employees to submit feedback in privacy and on their own time. Compatible with the iOS addition of the Boast mobile app, it allows someone to lock a device, such as an iPad, into a kiosk mode where organizations like National Grid can gain insight and feedback internally and externally. This function removes the guessing work of locating the app, open it up, etc. and locks the iPad directly into the Boast mobile app and remains there even as multiple reviews are submitted in a row.

National Grid now uses this to spice up corporate conferences with their employees. They even went to the length to construct a unique, custom booth containing a mounted iPad to use the Boast Kiosk Mode in. The company uses this booth to get feedback from their employees on their experiences of working for National Grid. It has helped them gain a better understanding of their employees and how they can improve their business operations and structure.

National grid kiosk booth

How do I get started?

To get started using Boast in kiosk mode, first sign up with Boast. Once you do that, follow these instructions to set up guided access on your iPad to lock the app in place. Then you can follow the steps above to set up your own kiosk to collect photos and videos to display on your website. After only a few minutes, you’ll be able to collect testimonials and reviews right on the spot and in any location.

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