Mailchimp Integration - Boast Video TestimonialsOne of the easiest and most trackable ways to communicate directly with your clients is through email marketing. You can keep customers up to date and engaged with your business by sending out product specials, company news, or articles that are useful to your audience. Once you have an email address for your customers, the possibilities for engaging them are endless. But getting that email address is always tough.

Boast now makes collecting those emails a little bit easier by offering integration with Mailchimp. Any time someone submits a testimonial using one of the Boast apps or a submission form on your website, their name, phone number and email address can be automatically added to the Mailchimp list of your choosing.

Why should I setup Mailchimp integration for my Boast account?

Integrating your Boast account with Mailchimp will help your to get the most out of your marketing efforts for your Boast campaign. You are putting effort into asking for testimonials from your customers, so why not make it easy to continue to market to them over time?

Many websites fail to utilize email marketing as a part of their digital strategy or simply don’t know how. If you aren’t currently marketing to customers and prospects via email, now is the time to start!

Don’t have Mailchimp?

You can also export an excel file of all your submitted testimonials and import the contact information into the email marketing client of your choosing, including Constant Contact and AWeber. Simply go to the My Testimonials section of your Boast dashboard and click the “Export Testimonials” link.

Examples for Using Boast Mailchimp Integration

Integrating Boast with your Mailchimp account makes it easy to keep in touch with anyone who has participated in your campaign. Here are some ideas for making the most of the email addresses you collect from your campaign.

Send out updates for a contest or sweepstakes

We have found that one of the best ways to collect testimonials with Boast is to give customers an incentive to share praise through some type of giveaway. If you are running a contest to collect testimonials with Boast, Mailchimp integration makes it easy to send updates to participants, encourage people to vote for their favorite submission, or congratulate winners publicly.

Thank your customers for sharing their praise

Your customers took the time to tell you how much they loved you. Take an opportunity to thank them for the testimonials they submitted. With Mailchimp integration for Boast, you can see who submitted a testimonial and through which campaign. This makes it easy to reach out and show your appreciation.

Highlight recent submissions

Another fun use for Mailchimp integration is highlighting your most recent or favorite testimonial submissions. You can send out a Mailchimp campaign to share the customer stories you receive as a way of keeping your customers up to date and engaged with your company.

How do I get started?

To set up Mailchimp integration with your Boast account, access your campaigns area and select Third Party Integrations for the campaign you want to integrate. Then follow the steps to find the information you need from your Mailchimp account and input it into Boast. It usually only takes a couple minutes, and you will be all set to start marketing to anyone who submits a testimonial.

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