An advertising tactic to consider for your marketing strategy is youtube video ads. Youtube ads exhibit a high viewability rate across mobile and app engagement with a viewability of 94%. It is extremely important to be mobile focussed when reaching today’s consumers. That’s why Youtube can be a great ad choice for your video testimonial content to help your brand build credibility and bring in new leads.

Follow these steps to turn your video testimonials into a Youtube ad campaign:

Once you’ve set up your Boast youtube integration you can push all of your approved videos to your youtube channel. This makes it easy to access your customer testimonials to use for your Youtube ad campaign. Locate the video you’d like to use for your ad, and copy the URL to get started.

#1: Paste the video testimonial URL into the search bar. Your video will appear along with added features showing what it will look like as different forms of a Youtube ad.

youtube ad campaign

#2: Create your ad by choosing your desired thumbnail, and writing an eye-catching headline and supporting copy text.

youtube ad campaign

#3: Select where you’d like your video click traffic to be sent – you can select either your business’s Youtube channel, or your website. youtube ad campaign

#4: Set your budget – You will set a projected daily budget that will be the goal to reach everyday. As a recommended starting point Youtube suggests a Budget of $10 a day, but you can create a custom daily amount that suits your specific marketing budget.

youtube ad campaign

#5: Set your target audience – You want to make sure your video is appearing in front the right people, so it’s important to be specific with your targeting. With Youtube you have the ability to set your audience by location, where users see your video, age, gender, and interests.

Youtube ad campaign

#6: Finally, you will hit “Save & Continue” which will create your Youtube ad campaign in your Google AdWords account.

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By following these simple steps you can turn any of your customer video testimonials into a full functioning Youtube ad campaign. This allows you to showcase social proof to a wider audience to help you generate new leads. Youtube video ads can be easily monitored by the views and clicks they receive so that you can have valuable statistics to report on your campaign. This simple way to re-purpose your video testimonials as ads will help bring your brand to the next level.


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