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Collect actionable feedback and improve organizational health with Boast

Incorporate customer feedback into leadership processes so you can measure and improve the health of your organization over time.

You asked, we listened. An all-new version of Boast is in the works, complete with everything leadership teams need to leverage customer feedback to improve organizational health.

Benefits of customer feedback for measuring organizational health

Simplify Key Metrics

Effectively measuring organizational health requires a clear snapshot of performance and trends over time. Collecting specific customer feedback metrics, like NPS and CSAT, allows leadership teams to simplify KPIs and gain actionable insights.

Inform Business Strategy

When customer feedback metrics are a central focus for your leadership team, everyone can get on the same page about what’s working, what’s not, and how business strategy needs to adapt to allow your business to grow.

Grow Your Business

Businesses with a customer feedback strategy grow faster and better than those that don’t. By tracking the right customer feedback metrics, you can prevent churn, predict repeat purchases, and reliably understand the trajectory of your business.

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How can leadership teams leverage customer feedback?

NPS Question

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoter Score is a standard metric for quantifying customer loyalty and predicting business growth. By asking customers “How likely is it that you would recommend our business to a friend or colleague,” this metric helps leadership teams understand the ratio of loyal customers (Promoters), who are likely to spread the word about your business and generate referrals to indifferent customers (Passives) and unhappy customers (Detractors).

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

CSAT is another standard metric, but rather than measuring sentiment across an entire organization, it is typically used around a specific event, feature, product, service, change, or interaction. CSAT surveys can help leadership teams pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in specific areas of their business, such as customer support or product performance.

Customer Surveys for Support Teams
Customer Support Survey

Customer Surveys

Customer surveys allow leadership teams to drill down into specific questions or areas of concern. While they may not provide simple metrics that can be benchmarked against or tracked over time, they can provide invaluable qualitative feedback to inform overall business direction.

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Why collect customer feedback with Boast?

Boast is a single tool for all of your customer feedback needs.

Awesome customer experience

When you make it easy for customers to submit feedback, they’re more likely to do so. Use Boast to provide an intuitive workflow for your customers to share how they feel.

Automate customer feedback

Build a customer feedback machine that will automatically request feedback from customers so you are constantly collecting valuable data about your organization’s health.

Incentives and rewards

Give customers the extra nudge they need to share how they feel by offering a gift card incentive when requesting feedback or reward when feedback is submitted.

Integrate with existing tools

Incorporate customer feedback requests into your existing workflow by integrating with a CRM or customer support tool via Zapier.

Organize customer feedback

Tag feedback you receive or categorize it based on location, staff member and more so you can easily spot trends and make adjustments to improve.

Share your praise

Leverage customer feedback to win new business by approving your best feedback to appear on your website or social channels.

Leadership teams serious about customer feedback trust Boast

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