As testimonials and reviews continue to play a larger role in the sales process, there’s an even bigger need for a way to effectively organize and manage them. With Boast’s testimonial management software, it not only gives you an easy way to collect testimonials and reviews but it also functions as a comprehensive testimonial management tool allowing you to organize your testimonials, edit your testimonials and even download your testimonials.

Organize Your Testimonials

Boast operates under the premise of campaigns and testimonials. Campaigns enable you to organize and separate your testimonials into unique purposes and uses. Separate campaigns can be used to get feedback at events, get reviews on a specific product, capture testimonials for your business overall and much more.

For example, you can create a unique campaign to collect reviews on one of your business’ areas of service and at the same time, run another unique campaign to collect feedback at one of your upcoming events. Each campaign has it’s own collection and display code to embed on a website, its own information and requirements, but  you can ultimately sort and display them separately or together with other campaigns on places such as your website, YouTube channel and Facebook page.

testimonial campaigns

Within this testimonial management software you also have the ability to give each testimonial their own unique tags. Designating unique tags to each testimonial helps to further sort them within a specific campaign or within all of your existing campaigns for additional organization and displaying capabilities.

testimonial tags

For example, you could run a campaign to collect testimonials for your brand where people are giving you credit for your products and services, but you could give each of those different tags, like “Products” and “Services”, to separate out testimonials that focus primarily on your products from the ones that focus on your services. This will allow you to separate each of these tags out and display them separately if you choose – for instance, on your products and services pages.

Edit Your Testimonials

One of the biggest reasons behind why testimonials and reviews are so powerful is because actual buyers and fans create them, giving them an automatic sense of authenticity and validity. However, occasionally you’ll run into testimonials that have a spelling error, that are missing important information or the media didn’t upload correctly. On your Boast account, you have the ability to edit every testimonial that comes in.

Edit your testimoniablue arrow         edit testimonial text

After each testimonial is submitted, you can go into your Boast account to update and edit it. This software allows you to manage every aspect of your reviews, including key areas such as name, title, description, tags, rating and the photo or video that was included. Although you should never tamper with the actual content of someone’s review, this functionality allows you to fix any errors that may occur and further categorize each testimonial.

Download Your Testimonials

Download testimonialsDisplaying your testimonials and reviews on your website is a great way to build up credibility around your brand, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Boast allows you to download your testimonials to your computer with a simple click of a button.

When you download your testimonials, you can use them in other areas of your business marketing. For instance, you can add your testimonials to your marketing brochures, within video presentations, as part of your online ads and much more. The possibilities are endless when it comes to integrating your testimonials into your overall marketing strategy.


Having a testimonial management software that gives you full control over your testimonials and provides you additional options of how you can utilize them within your overall marketing strategy is key to harnessing the full potential that testimonials and reviews can have for your organization.

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