When configuring your display widgets, a unique feature that can be added are social sharing buttons. These buttons allow you to give users and your company the option to share individual testimonial submissions to Facebook and Twitter. Social proof builds credibility for your brand, so allowing your customer testimonials to be shared far and wide is a great way to spread social proof for your brand rapidly.

How to Turn on Social Sharing Buttons

First, you’ll head over to your display testimonials tab in your Boast account. From there you have the ability to configure a display widget.

Boast Testimonial Display Widget

In this section you can pull through certain campaigns and tags on your feed. You can change the order of your testimonials and only pull through a certain number of testimonials. You can also change the display widget style and choose whether to show a customer star rating. Finally, you’re able to select whether you want social sharing buttons on your display widget. By toggling this drop down to say “Yes”, your display widget code will automatically be configured to add the social sharing buttons to each testimonial.

Boast Display Widget Social Sharing Buttons

Once you’ve set up your configuration, you can view the active demo at the bottom of the page to ensure that your display widget looks how you’ve intended it to and is displaying social sharing buttons.


Now that you’ve confirmed that your display widget looks how you’d like, you’ll simply copy and paste the embed code on to the backend of your website, landing page or Facebook page. And presto! You’re on your way to creating a testimonial campaign that can be easily shared on social media.

What the Social Sharing Posts Look Like Once Shared

Once you’ve turned on social sharing buttons for your display widget, individual testimonials can be shared on Facebook and Twitter by anyone who has access to your display widget. When a someone hits the social sharing buttons, blank posts with links to the testimonial are generated.

Facebook Testimonial Sharing Post:


Twitter Testimonial Sharing Post:



Once these posts are generated you can then customize them to look how you’d like by adding text, or giving context about each individual testimonial submission.

The Benefit of Adding Social Sharing Buttons to Your Testimonial Display Widget

Social sharing buttons are a smart addition to your testimonial display widget because they increase the opportunity of your testimonials being shared. Specifically increasing the opportunity of testimonials being shared by other Facebook and Twitter users aside from your company. As your testimonials are shared online this increases credibility-building social proof exponentially. Even one testimonial shared to a Facebook or Twitter page aside from your company’s could influence hundreds of people who were not influenced by your company before. Social sharing buttons on your Boast display widget also give you the ability to run a contest or sweepstakes around your testimonial submissions and publicly announce individual winners on Facebook and Twitter. This is a great way to increase engagement and create buzz around your company.

Overall, giving your customers and your company more opportunity to share your testimonial content gives you the opportunity to exponentially increase your testimonial engagement. This then allows you to create a testimonial campaign that incorporates a larger amount of potential customers, leading to increased traffic, leads and over time sales. Can you think of any other ways to use social sharing buttons to your advantage? Comment below!

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