Video marketing is an essential piece to your modern marketing strategy. Basic video trends, like video ads for example, have been adopted by a majority of businesses. In one study, 69% of marketing, sales and business professionals reported using video marketing and another 31% are planning to. With this trend being rapidly adopted your brand needs to think outside of the box to make an impact with your video content.

video marketing tricks

Here are a few video marketing tricks your competitors aren’t using:

#1: Live streaming on Facebook

Over the past year since it’s launch, Facebook live video streaming has become more regularly used by big brands. Live video can be a great way to showcase a company event, webinar, or live customer testimonials to create a different kind of impact on your Facebook page. It doesn’t have to be complicated, as long as you have an outline in place of what you want to show to your followers, roll with it. This kind of video marketing will be spontaneous and raw footage that gives you a personalized edge over your competitors.

#2: Company culture videos

It’s a common practice of many brands to post culture updates on their website and social media pages. Usually these updates are pictures of a company party, outing, or community event that the team attended. These updates are great and create a more personable brand, but they can be taken to the next level with video. Create a video with snippets of the event or outing that feature your team and use it as content to share on your website and social media pages.

#3: Customer video case studies

Take your customer video testimonials to the next level by turning a few into customer case studies. Once your customer has left a video testimonial for your company, they are a great candidate for this form of video content. Create specific questions for them to answer, and have results ready for them to talk about in the video. This kind of video content can be placed on your website, and also shared on social media with a blog post elaborating on the information.

#4: Engaging in relevant viral video content

Being ahead of competitors with your video marketing efforts is not only limited to the video content you create. Remaining informed on viral video content in your industry can help you leverage that content for your own brand. Share viral video content on your social media sites, write a blog about the video, or use the video as an example in a webinar. Keeping up to date with popular video content is a great way to increase traffic and potential leads.

#5: Homepage introduction video

Auto-play videos on social media sites is a trend that has helped grab the attention of users. This type of video can work well for your website too. Create an introductory video on your homepage that grabs the attention of the traffic to your site. This video could help you decrease the bounce rate on your site, and keep potential customers interested to learn more about your company.

#6: Video knowledge base

Creating tutorial videos that help answer common questions about your product or service are extremely effective. These kinds of videos will reduce the need for customer service communication because your customers will have a more seamless time finding solutions on their own. These videos can be as simple as a screen recording with someone on your team speaking in the background. Depending on the type of tutorial, these kinds of videos can also increase leads by answering more general questions consumers may have.

Video marketing is being adopted at a rapid rate, so it’s important to get creative with your content. These 6 different video marketing tricks will help you out perform your competitors. What other kinds of video marketing has your company had success with? Comment below!


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