For most consumers, their purchase decisions are highly influenced by client reviews. Reviews are compared the most for high involvement purchases, and a consumer is not going to invest a lot of money into something unless they know how it worked for others first.

When brides are looking for a wedding planner, they want to ensure they pick the right one to make their day special and perfect. They look at various wedding-planning companies and compare their prior work, prices and past client testimonials, if available. In an era of choices, providing client reviews and testimonials can help your wedding planning business by building up your reputation and prospective trust, differentiate you from your competitors, and help you grow your overall business.

Builds Reputation & Trust

Brides want to be able to trust their wedding planner, as they play a huge role in their big day. Testimonials can strengthen your reputation as a reliable, talented wedding planner and help build trust with prospective clients. These reviews offer information and insights that aren’t found on your website, and carry more weight because they are from actual clients.

Differentiates You From Competitors

While there are a lot of options for consumers, it is important to do everything you can to get ahead of your competitors. Showcasing testimonials is one of the biggest ways you can stand out. If a bride is researching online and sees one business with good reviews and one without any at all, they will most likely move forward with the business that offers reviews.

Grows Your Business

Having testimonials and reviews readily available to consumers will help grow your business. Following up with current clients, asking them for feedback and having them share their experiences can provide you not only with testimonials that you can use to your benefit but it also creates a stronger bond and relationship with your existing customers. Taking the time to follow up with your current clients could results in future referrals and potentially help you gain clients through word of mouth.


When making a purchasing decision, consumers will look to client reviews for information before they make their decision. Client reviews are especially valuable in high involvement purchases and investments, like wedding planning. Be sure to provide future brides with all of the information they need to ensure they are making the right decision, and don’t forget to document their experience as well!


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