With the new HD video update, collecting high quality business videos is made possible. There are a few aspects of video though that are in the hands of the person recording. Making your customers and employees aware of what makes a great video, will help you increase the overall quality of your video testimonials and marketing videos as a whole.

recording business videos in HD

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when collecting HD business videos:

#1 Background:

The first thing you should consider before shooting a business video is the background. Find a solid or minimal background that keeps the focus on the subject of the video. Using a colored office wall, or conference room with clean lines will help you keep the focus of the video on your subject.

#2 Sound:

When recording a video make sure you do so in a quiet place. Background noises are easily picked up and can be distracting to the viewer. To prevent any background noise, first head to a quiet place, but more importantly make sure the sound projects clearly. Avoid recording in a large hallway for example that has an echo because this could have a negative impact on your video quality.

#3 Angles & Focus:

If you’re recording from a mobile device that allows you to move to get different angles and focus, play around with what looks best. For the best results recording video testimonials it’s important to keep the subject at the center of video to keep a consistent look between each of your customer videos. For other marketing videos, keeping your subject in focus, at a unique angle can make the video more interesting and captivating.

#4 Lighting:

Keep in mind lighting when collecting video testimonials. Not only should you make sure you’re in a well lit area, its also important to keep in mind where the lighting source is. Videos taped in front of a window for example can potentially have a negative effect on the video quality by creating too much backlight behind the subject. Get creative! Tilt a lamp to make your own light source that’s bound to make your subject and the video as a whole more polished.

#5 Have a Plan:

Creating a plan will help you guide your customer and keep the content impactful and concise. Have a list of prepared questions to prompt them with. Give them followup statistics on the growth they’ve seen working with you so they can use real numbers in their testimonial. If your company sells a product, have them show that product in the video. Having a set plan in place prior to requesting an video testimonial or marketing video will create a more seamless and laid back process and therefore have a positive effect on the quality of your video.

Being mindful of these 5 different elements of a quality video will help you make the most out of your Business videos. Are there any other elements you think are important to maintaining great video quality? Comment below!

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