Showcasing your customer’s successes is a great way to include customers in your marketing strategy. One way to elaborate on customer successes is through a customer case study. This is long-tail content that gives the background of your customer, their relationship with your business, and how your company has helped them achieve their goals. Leveraging customer case studies will help your company bring in new business with relatable and informational content.

customer case study

Here’s how to write a compelling customer case study

Reach out to customers you’ve already built a relationship with

When deciding what customers to feature in a case study you should reach out to those you’ve built a connection with. The perfect case study candidate could be customers who have already said kind words in an email, left you a testimonial, or a customer that you interact with on a regular basis. Building off of these conversations will set the tone for your case study and make it more conversational.

Focus on customer goals and results

Case studies give you a chance to take a deep dive into your client’s success without being overly promotional. By setting your customer up with result-driven questions, they can pull through real stats and numbers for their case study. Case studies are most powerful when other potential customers can relate to them, so this will help you align your customer’s results with your target audience’s goals.

Let the customer’s voice shine through

Each of your customers has their own personality and brand voice. A case study is a great opportunity to let their unique voice shine through. Have them write their answers to your questions from the heart and refrain from changing their phrasing. This will make their case study more relatable.

Include video and photo content

To strengthen the credibility of your case study it’s important to include video and photo content. One style of case study that works well is a video interview accompanied by a transcript of the conversation and some more in depth details. Video and photo content will help keep your potential customers engaged in the case study, and help put a face to your customer’s name.

Create a cohesive case study theme

Finally, use your first case study as a template for future case studies. Keeping a cohesive theme will make your content easier to navigate. As you grow your case study library, allow your customers to filter them to see content that’s relatable to them. The more segmented your content, the more relatable in becomes.

A customer case study is a great way to repurpose and elaborate on customer testimonials. They help your company add credibility and become more relatable to future customers. What are some of the best customer case studies you have seen? Comment below!

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