Today, most people wouldn’t argue with the fact that testimonials and reviews can have a powerful effect over your overall business reputation and brand. After all, they’re constantly all around us. Every day you hear things like “Voted best gym in town” in a commercial or “I love this brand, and I’ll never use a different kind now!” from a family member or “I have a serious fear of the dentist, but Dr. Smith was so patient and gentle with me that I don’t stress about going to the dentist anymore,” from a coworker.

The issue is not how to get testimonials to work for you once you have them; it’s physically getting the testimonials in the first place. However, there are real, easy tricks that you can use to get your clients to take that next step. I’ve put together a list of ways you can reach out to your clients to get testimonials and reviews, including some ideas that you might not have thought of before.

How to Get Your Clients to Give You a Testimonial

Just Ask!

Too easy, right? Well often times when I hear people say that they can’t get testimonials from their clients it’s because they, well…just haven’t asked! Simply reaching out to your clients individually, in a personal email and asking them if they would give you a testimonial about your product or service can be the most effective way to start building up your portfolio. And it’s easy!

Pay it Forward

Sometimes outright asking someone for a testimonial can be a little bit intimidating for some people. So the next best way to ask for a testimonial is to offer the favor a return. Instead of just flat out asking someone if they would give you a testimonial, you can ask past clients, coworkers and bosses if they wouldn’t mind giving you a testimonial and in return, you’d be happy to give them a testimonial back. If they’re not interested in a testimonial, you could offer them some branded, company gear as a gift back! When you provide them with something valuable in return, you help to shatter that “I’m too busy” mindset.

Try Your LinkedIn Connections

Like myself, many of you utilize LinkedIn to connect with colleagues, network with prospects and show off your expertise and work. The most unique thing about how LinkedIn is designed is that people are already primed to support and endorse each other. As a user, you are constantly being reminded to congratulate someone for their job anniversary and endorse “this person” for their skill, and that automatically puts you in the mindset of rewarding other members.


Leverage this platform and mindset for your testimonials. Don’t be afraid to ask some of your closest connections for a testimonial through a private message. You’re connected with them on LinkedIn for a reason, and you can use that to your advantage in building up your testimonials portfolio. Or if you’re someone that has already built up recommendations on your profile, you can reach out to those people and ask if they wouldn’t mind doing a short video testimonial or if you could turn their written recommendation into a testimonial that you could show off on your website.

Refurbish Past Testimonials

Do you already have a running list of testimonials from past clients, either from email interactions, face-to-face meetings or some other form of communication? You can easily turn those into written, photo or video testimonials and use them in other places such as on your website. Or, for example, if you have testimonials that are already displayed on your YouTube channel, you could download those and re-upload them using a testimonial software, so you can easily organize all you testimonials in one place and display them how, when and where you want.

download youtube video

Get Them on the Spot

Do you meet with clients in-person? What better opportunity then to get a testimonials from them while you’re with them physically. If they’re up for it, you can simply pull out your iPhone or camera and have them give a 30 second testimonial at the end of your meeting. This will help to not only eliminate the hassle of your clients having to try and figure out how to send a testimonial, but it is an easy way to get testimonials from the exact clients you were hoping for.

Set up an iPad kiosk

Perhaps you have a front desk that everyone passes by when they come into your building or you are a frequent flyer to conferences and trade shows. A fun and interactive way to get people to dish on your company is through a public computer, iPad or phone. For example, set up a iPad kiosk on your front desk or in your trade show booth with instructions on how people can share their story in relation to your brand or product.

boast kiosk mode

Run a Promotion

Although we don’t all like to admit it, we all like to participate in contests and promotions from time to time! If you’re really having a hard time getting your clients to give you a testimonial, set up a promotion through a third party service or on your social media page with an intriguing prize for those that participate. Then promote it through all your social media accounts, hit your email lists and spread the word through all of your other marketing mediums to get the word out.

Running this type of promotion can be a great way to quickly build up your testimonial portfolio. However, keep in mind that you will most likely have to do extra filtering of those testimonial or review submissions because there are people that troll the internet just looking to get their name into every contest possible but may have never actually had an interaction with your company.

Timely Reach Out to Customers

Lastly, if you offer products and services that can be purchased online, you’re the perfect candidate to set up follow-up email responders. Using a system like Mailchimp (our favorite!) set up an auto-responder email that asks for feedback (perhaps with an incentive)  and that is triggered so many days or weeks after someone makes a purchase. It’s a more sophisticated approach to getting testimonials and reviews and takes some legwork to set up but once it’s in place, it will do all the work for you.

For example:

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for ordering the Nike Traxstar 5T Shoes!

How do they feel so far? Think you could give us a quick review here? (Promise, it’s easy!)

As a thank you, we’ll send you a 20% coupon via email for your next visit!


Nike Community Team Leader


Getting testimonials and reviews for your company can be easy if you use the approach that fits your current client base and organization. However, most of these approaches could work for just about anyone, it’s just a matter of taking the time to invest in it. Are there other ways that you’ve used to build up your testimonial base? Let me know in the comments!

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