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Most people are aware of the power of YouTube as a video marketing tool. You’re probably also aware of the power of testimonials. Our YouTube integration allows you to combine them, and gather video testimonials and post them to YouTube with just one click. Boast’s YouTube integration allows you or your website visitors to upload videos to your YouTube channel while uploading videos directly to your website at the same time. This way, you can leverage the power of video testimonials in your video marketing strategy, social media strategy, and more. Let’s see how.

How Does Boast Integrate with YouTube?

Upload YouTube Videos From Your Website

It only takes a few easy steps to streamline Boast and your YouTube account. Once you have completed the setup process, any time someone submits a testimonial on your website and you approve it, it will automatically be uploaded and displayed on your YouTube channel.

Upload Videos to YouTube From an iPhone, iPad & Android Device

Youtube ad campaign

Our video testimonial application also allows users to upload videos to your website and YouTube channel directly from their mobile device. Users can download our app or visit your upload page directly from your website and upload their video from their smartphone. Boast will construct and even host this page for you, so you don’t have to worry about any coding or web design to do it. After you integrate with YouTube, then approve a submitted video, it will appear on both your website and Youtube channel simultaneously!

Create Your Own YouTube Kiosk

One of our most sought-after features, Kiosk Mode, allows you to set up and lock an iPad into the Boast mobile app on location, such as in store or at an event. This allows you to show off testimonials, reviews, contest submission and more on your YouTube that are submitted through the kiosk from just about anywhere.

Benefits of Integrating YouTube with Boast

Nearly 5 billion YouTube videos are watched, worldwide, every day! And these aren’t just music videos and cats, either. Today, many consumers go to YouTube first to get information on products and services they’re interested in. Those that have a presence on the site have the ability to get their brand and organization in front of YouTube’s 1.3 billion users (with more visiting every day!).

Increase Traffic & Impressions

Did you know that YouTube is the second most-used search tool? It is second only to Google, meaning its search volume surpasses that of Bing or Yahoo. That alone tells you how big the marketing and SEO benefits are of having a presence on this platform. Since YouTube is owned by Google, YouTube videos are ranked very highly within Google searches as well. Google tends to give YouTube videos preferential treatment in a search, often putting them at the top of the search engine results. Businesses pay top dollar to get on the first page of Google, and videos have the potential to get that placement without any extra cost.

Better SEO

A couple things that Google and other search engines look at are titles, descriptions and tags of videos. By including keyword-focused content in each of these areas of your videos, you increase the likelihood of people finding your videos when they are searching for similar products, services and brands. Once your videos are upload to YouTube through Boast, you can go in and update your tags.

Optimize YouTube Videos

Social Media Branding

YouTube’s following and connection to Google + create further branding opportunities for businesses to develop a social media marketing strategy and influence. User-generated videos created through Boast can be incorporated into an organization’s overall social media marketing strategy.

Getting Started with YouTube Integration for Boast

It’s easy to integrate your Boast testimonials with YouTube. This will only take a few minutes, and then you can share your videos on YouTube. You can pick and choose which testimonial forms you’d like to integrate with YouTube. This means, if you’re just testing a form or if you decide not to use a form you made, it won’t automatically send the associated testimonials to YouTube. You’ll also need to approve the testimonials before they go to YouTube, so there’s no risk of accidentally posting a testimonial you didn’t intend to.

After a few minutes and a couple steps, your Boast and YouTube channel will be completely streamlined and ready to go.  Here’s how:

  1. Go to “Collection Forms” in your Boast dashboard
  2. Select “Integrate with Third Party Services” using a new, preferred or most recent form
  3. Integrate with YouTube, and the testimonials you’ve gathered and approved with this form will display to your YouTube account.

collect and show testimonials on youtube

Now that you know how to gather and post testimonials to YouTube, now is a great time to get started. Your testimonials will reach farther than ever, and you can leverage them in your social media marketing too. If you have questions or you’re having trouble with this step, feel free to get in touch with us through our live chat, or visit our help center.

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