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Collect feedback and videos in person with a feedback kiosk app

Boast’s iOS app makes it easy to turn any iPad into a customer feedback kiosk for collecting text, photo, and video feedback at storefronts, trade shows, and more.

Why you need a feedback kiosk

The easier you make it for customers to provide feedback, the more likely they’ll be to do so. If you interact with your customers in person at all, a feedback kiosk is one of the most convenient ways for customers to submit testimonials, reviews, and general feedback about your business.

Benefits of iOS feedback kiosks

Increase response rates

When you ask customers for feedback in person rather than via email or SMS, you’re likely to get more and better responses. Customers are more likely to respond to an in-person ask, and their experience with your business is fresh in their mind.

Convenient for customers

Convenience matters when requesting feedback from customers. By providing a place where they can quickly and easily share their experience without much time or effort, a feedback kiosk helps eliminate barriers and improve response rates.

Easily collect videos and photos

Using a feedback kiosk app that is equipped to capture videos and photos can take technical hurdles out of the equation and ensure the media you receive is high-quality and in the format you need.

What is a feedback kiosk app?

Feedback kiosk apps help businesses collect feedback, reviews, or testimonials from customers during in-person interactions. This could be at a storefront, trade show, or other in-person event. The best feedback kiosk apps allow you to collect custom questions as well as a variety of media types, like photo, video and text.

When you should consider a feedback kiosk app

If you ever interact with your customers in person and you are serious about collecting feedback to improve your business, a feedback kiosk is a must.

Without an app designed specifically for collecting customer feedback, your options are pen and paper surveys (but then someone has to hand key-in and analyze all the data) or a standard web form that isn’t designed to prevent your customers from using the device for other purposes or to generate reports specific to the feedback you receive.

A feedback kiosk app makes it simple to collect, manage, and analyze responses. You can easily lock your device in the app to prevent misuse and all of the submissions you receive will be funneled into a single dashboard for analyzing data and identifying trends.

Key benefits of Boast’s feedback kiosk app

Awesome customer experience

Make the experience of sharing feedback with your business simple, quick and easy for your customers.

Customize feedback surveys

Leverage standard templates like NPS®, CSAT, and CES, or build a custom survey from scratch to collect the data that matters for your business.

Collect videos and photos

Easily add video or photo fields to your feedback form and collect rich media for use on your social channels and in sales and marketing efforts.

Reward your customers

Increase response rates by rewarding your customers with an e-gift card once their feedback is received.

Organize your data

Tag and filter responses based on product, location, staff member, or custom field to gain the greatest level of insight from the data you receive.

Actionable reporting

Leverage built-in reporting tools for making sense of the data and identifying trends that have an impact on your bottom line.

Start collecting video and photo praise with a customer feedback kiosk today