customer feedback incentives

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Collect more customer feedback with gift card rewards & incentives

Customers are more likely to complete a survey or leave a testimonial when there’s something in it for them. With Boast, easily offer an incentive when requesting feedback or a reward when feedback is submitted.

Why you should consider incentives for customer feedback

Online reviews, testimonials, and customer feedback are immensely valuable when it comes to improving your business and increasing leads and sales. But customers often brush off requests if there’s nothing in it for them. Give customers a reason to respond with gift card incentives.

Benefits of gift card incentives for feedback requests

Increase response rates

Your customers are busy, and doing you a favor probably isn’t at the top of their todo list. Offering a gift card incentive when requesting feedback typically increases response rates compared to requests with no incentive.

Show appreciation to your customers

When sending a request for a video testimonial or online review, thank customers for their business with a gift card. Show them that they’re appreciated first, then make your ask.

Thank respondents for their time

Acknowledge that you are asking your customers to take time out of their day to do something for you. A gift card incentive or reward is a nice gesture to thank them for doing so.

What is gift card rewards software?

Gift card rewards software allows businesses to offer incentives or rewards when requesting feedback, such as customer surveys, online reviews, or video testimonials. Incentives are sent when requesting feedback to encourage submissions, and rewards are sent after feedback has been received to thank submitters for their responses.

Why you need software to manage gift card incentives and rewards

Creating a customer survey or launching a testimonial campaign is hard work! And when your customers don’t respond, it can leave you feeling like all that work was for naught.

If you’re struggling to collect online reviews and testimonials because customers don’t respond to your requests for feedback, leveraging a tool to incentivize or reward your customers with gift cards can help to make all that effort worth your while.

Key benefits of gift card rewards software

Awesome customer experience

Make the experience of receiving a request, submitting feedback, and claiming their reward simple, quick and easy for your customers.

Simple automation

Take the manual work and human error out of the equation. Put your requests and incentives or rewards on autopilot so you can focus on running your business.

Integrate with existing tools

Take your automation to the next level by integrating with existing tools and processes to collect even more responses.

Insights & reporting

Get a clear picture of how gift cards affect your response rates with built-in reporting tools.

Start leveraging gift card rewards and incentives to collect more customer feedback today