Video testimonials made simple, to help you grow your business

Video testimonials increase conversion rates by as much as 380%. Boast helps you automatically request, collect, and share them.

All the tools you need to collect raving video testimonials.

Create intuitive forms to capture feedback, send testimonial requests at precisely the right time, and publish praise with a single click.

Forms help you collect quality customer feedback in a way that showcases your brand and maximizes your response rates.

Robust form builder

Customize your feedback collection form to meet your needs.

Video and photo collection

Make it easy for customers to submit video testimonials or photo reviews from any camera-enabled device.

Multi-page forms

Display different form questions on different pages to increase response rates and improve user experience.

Form templates

Standardize your feedback collection with built in templates for NPS, CSAT, CES, and more.

Sequences are email and SMS drip campaigns for automating your feedback requests.SMS Coming Soon

Email & SMS requests

Automate emails and SMS requests to gather customer feedback.

Pre-built templates

Standardize feedback collection with NPS, CSAT, and CES templates.

Automatic enrollment & reminders

Automate requests with enrollment triggers, and schedule a series of requests to increase response rates.

Recurring requests

Schedule feedback requests to go out at specific intervals, like monthly or quarterly.

Use embeddable widgets to showcase praise from customers on your website.

Display feedback

Embeddable display widgets allow you to show the right praise in the right places to give prospects the extra push they need to do business with you.

Request feedback

Embeddable collection widgets allow you to ask for feedback, reviews, or testimonials on specific web pages.

Multiple style options

Select from cards, list, carousel, or floating display widget styles to seamlessly integrate with your existing website content.


Accommodate users across all devices with responsive, mobile-friendly display widgets.

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