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Testimonials sell, it’s a fact.

But there has never been a convenient way for customers to provide testimonials or for businesses to showcase them. That’s where Boast comes in. We bridge the gap between testimonial collection and presentation, making it easy for you to get the most out of past satisfied customers in making sales for the future.

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Ryan and Kevin Boast President

About Boast

Boast is run by a small team out of Lansing, Michigan. The ultimate goal of Boast is to help our customers build credibility with their prospective customers faster. If we can do this we can increase our customers leads, sales and their bottom line.The product roadmap is managed by Ryan Doom, who has 15+ years experience designing and developing applications. When you submit a question or call Boast, Ryan usually handles it personally. He likes to learn how our current and future customers want to use Boast and helps them make that a reality.

Meet The Boast Team

Ryan Doom - President

Ryan Doom


Kevin Southworth - Developer

Kevin Southworth


Kelsey Taber

Kelsey Taber

Marketing & Sales

Matt Hall - Developer

Matt Hall


Corrine Soave - Designer

Corrine Soave


Kyle Schebor - Designer

Kyle Schebor


Stephanie Sundheimer

Stephanie Sundheimer


Katie Klumb - Designer

Katie Klumb