What is Proof-Based Marketing?

Proof sells, promises don’t.

Proof-Based Marketing is the modern marketing strategy for building trust with prospects to increase leads and sales. In this webinar, you’ll learn what Proof-Based Marketing is and how you can implement it to collect feedback, engage customers, and gather praise to build momentum and drive revenue.

Stephanie Hall

Your Host

Stephanie Hall is CMO at Boast, where she spearheads all of our marketing programs and initiatives. She has over a decade of digital marketing experience working with businesses to generate website traffic, drive leads, and increase sales. As the creator of Proof-Based Marketing, Stephanie strongly believes in the power of customer-centric marketing and social proof. She loves educating marketers and business owners on how to leverage customers to fuel business growth.

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Proof-Based Marketing Challenge

Watch this webinar & you’ll learn:

  • What Proof-Based Marketing is and why everyone is talking about it
  • The benefits of a Proof-Based Marketing and the role it plays in modern marketing
  • The key elements of a winning Proof-Based Marketing strategy
  • How to implement Proof-Based Marketing for your business

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