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How to collect customer reviews with Boast

Boast is a complete review collection and management platform to help businesses easily collect and showcase praise from customers.

Collect Customer Reviews

Collect customer reviews, video testimonials, and feedback easily. Create a simple form to share with customers so they can provide feedback on your business.

Know who your happiest customers are and who needs more attention, so you can send customers who leave the highest ratings to review sites like Google and Facebook. Then take the concerns of customers who leave lower reviews offline.

Online review collection form

Request Customer Reviews

Get more customer reviews when you use Boast to send request emails. Key in a name and email address for each customer to send an email requesting feedback, a review, or a testimonial.

Keep track of who you have requested a review from and whether or not they’ve submitted a review in the Request Testimonials dashboard.

Collect and request online reviews

Manage Reviews

Get notified via email every time a new customer review is submitted. Then view, edit, and approve each review or video to be pushed out to your website or social platforms.

Organize your reviews with tags and a weight system to make sure your prospects see the right reviews at the right time.

Manage Online Reviews

Display Reviews

Leverage your customer reviews to build credibility with prospects and win more sales. Customize how your reviews look and where they show up online.

Showcase praise on your website with Boast display widgets and push reviews and video testimonials to social channels with easy integrations.

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