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Boast is the easiest way to collect video testimonials from your customers. After you have collected a testimonial from your customer you can show it on your website with a click of a button or download it and use it however you want!

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Web Ascender Boast

Web Ascender
Web Design & Development

Web Ascender is a creative agency that specializes in website design, development and internet marketing. Web Ascender used Boast to collect and display testimonials on their website. When prospective customers can watch videos directly from business owners about how Web Ascender helped them it increases the likelyhood that the prospect will fill out a contact form or engage Web Ascender for their services.

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National Grid

National Grid, a British and US multinational electricity and gas utility company with a market cap of 47 billion dollars uses Boast in a multitude of ways. National Grid uses Boast in the traditional sense to collect testimonials from their client’s, they even contracted with us to build them a custom branded version of Boast for the app store. National Grid also created an awesome video booth to use at tradeshows and events to collect feedback. They have the Boast application mounted inside their video booth and use it to collect video testimonials.

National Grid
Northface Endurance Challege

The North Face Endurance Challenge

The North Face Endurance Challenge is a 2-day running event in 6 locations across the United States and Canada. They used the Boast mobile app to collect testimonials from their runners, in hopes to build stronger relationships with their participants and encourage them to join the race the following year. Boast helped them gain insights from their participants, allowing them to tailor the event to their needs and wants in the future.

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Pure Energy Window

Pure Energy window Company is a Metro Detroit, Michigan window installation and replacement company that specializes in energy efficient windows. They integrated Boast into their sales cycle and have collected a robust feed of testimonials from their happy customers. By showcasing real project examples, Pure Energy Window has increased new project leads using Boast.

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Pure Energy Window

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