25 Mar 2014
by Samantha Dunn

4 Undeniable Benefits of User Generated Content

With the explosion of social media and other interactive websites plus the vastness of the Internet itself and online users, much of the marketing power has shifted out of the marketer’s hands and into the consumers. Content created by consumers – user-generated content – has more influence and power over the public than ever. User-generated content (UGC) is content that is made by the general public and can take many forms including blogging, reviews, social media posts, videos, forums, etc. UGC has become an online marketing game changer, and here are four unquestionable benefits of incorporating it into your business marketing plan.

Builds Trust

Let’s face it. As a whole, businesses have gotten a bad wrap over time for their advertising. People have become less trusting of company advertising because most everyone, including you and I, have probably been given some misleading information at one point or another. On the other hand, consumers have come to trust each other more over time. Over *51% of consumers trust user-generated content more than other information on a company website or article about the company. Incorporating UGC content into your marketing can have tremendous influence over new and potential leads.

Affordable and Profitable

When I hear marketing, I can’t help but see dollar signs floating in the air. User generated content has reinvented the marketing wheel and is both free and immensely powerful. Instead of throwing gobs of money into the marketing atmosphere, user generated content allows you to harness the powerful effects of social proof without even spending a dime.

Improves Long-Tail SEO

As we’ve seen on networks like Youtube and Vine, the virality of personal videos is huge. When people see a video that they like, think is unique and think others could benefit from, they share it with the masses. The same is true for other forms of user-generated content. With the latest updates of the Google algorithm, social shares have become more important than ever. UGC has the potential to multiply your visibility and reach within a matter of minutes.

Enriches User-Experience

The unique thing about UGC such as user videos is that it creates opportunities for interaction. By displaying videos, reviews or other forms of content on your website, you increase user interactivity. This not only helps develop a stronger relationship with your audience and consumer but it also further boosts your impressions, consumer time on your site, branding and so on which increases the likelihood of a sale.

How are you using UGC content in your marketing currently? We’d love to hear it in the comments below!

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