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Winning Realtors deliver amazing client experiences with Boast.

Boast simplifies client feedback for Realtors so you can wow your clients, gather praise, and generate more leads and sales.

Why do Realtors choose Boast?

Set-and-forget client feedback, video testimonials, and online reviews

Client happiness is key to success as a realtor. Happy clients share with others, refer new business, and return next time they’re in the market.

Keep clients happy with automated surveys. Then leverage those happy clients to grow your business by requesting and collecting raving video testimonials.

Client experience management that scales with your business

Improve client experiences today with the confidence that your tools and processes will grow with you.

Boast is designed to scale with your business while helping you optimize every aspect of client experiences with all-in-one client feedback software.

Get serious about leveraging happy clients to grow your real estate business

Feedback surveys

Create client feedback surveys to gauge sentiment. Segment promoters from passives and detractors. Then follow up with clients who need a little extra love and request praise from those who are already raving.

Boast is designed to help you get a pulse on your business so you can wow clients, gather praise, and grow.

Video Testimonials

Provide a super simple process for clients to share a video testimonial, and you’ll collect invaluable praise for building trust with future prospects.

Boast is the easiest way for your customers to record a quick video from their phone or laptop and share it with you. Then you can approve it with one click to show up on your website and social channels.

Online Reviews

In addition to simplifying video testimonial collection, Boast also makes it super easy for clients to submit online reviews.

Send an email or SMS with a direct link to your review form on Google, Zillow, or other review platform of your choice and watch the reviews roll in.


The best way to get referrals as a realtor is to ask for them. With Boast, you can request referrals via email or SMS.

Grow your real estate business with Boast