Measure customer loyalty with intuitive, affordable NPS® software

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a proven metric for understanding customer sentiment and predicting business growth. NPS surveys are built into Boast to help you understand your customers and uncover insights to grow your business.

What is NPS?

The Net Promoter System is a popular methodology for measuring customer loyalty and predicting business growth. The system uses a simple question to differentiate loyal customers (Promoters), who are likely to spread the word about your business and generate referrals, from indifferent customers (Passives) and unhappy customers (Detractors). It also helps to uncover why customers in each group feel the way they do, offering invaluable business insights.

The NPS Question

The Net Promoter System uses 2 questions – a quantitative rating to bucket customers into their respective pools, and qualitative feedback to uncover the why behind their score.

Calculating NPS

After surveying your customers, categorize them into their appropriate group.

nps count

Your Net Promoter Score can then be calculated based on the percentage of customers who are Promoters minus the percentage of customers who are detractors. This will give you a score ranging from -100 to 100.


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Boast offers NPS survey software designed to fit your existing workflow

Boast helps businesses implement NPS surveys by integrating with your existing tools to send survey requests at the right time so you can collect valuable data without even thinking about it.

How businesses benefits from NPS surveys

Identify loyal customers

Know who your most loyal customers are that love you and which customers are merely “satisfied.” Then take appropriate action to turn more customers into Promoters.

Understand the “Why?”

Gain insights into what makes customers Promoters, Passives, or Detractors. When you know why customers feel the way they do, you can make meaningful business changes.

Make accurate predictions

NPS was designed to predict customer loyalty and business growth. By implementing NPS, you’ll have the data you need to understand the trajectory of your business.

Simplify business metrics

NPS is a single question for customers to answer and a single metric for you to track. It’s simple, yet a powerful tool for understanding customer sentiment and business health.

Track trends over time

A best practice for NPS is to survey customers at regular intervals, like monthly or quarterly. This helps you identify customers or areas of your business that need extra attention.

Benchmark against the competition

Because NPS is a standard customer feedback metric, there is plenty of benchmark data available. Compare your scores against others in your industry for additional insights.

Why use Boast for your NPS surveys?


Easy for customers

Boast offers an awesome customer experience, helping you collect more feedback. From the initial request to responding to your NPS survey, Boast removes obstacles for customers that prevent them from responding.


Integrate with existing processes

Integrate Boast with your existing tools to make NPS surveys part of your business process. Then set requests on auto-pilot with Sequences.


Robust reporting

From identifying your best customers and those at risk of churning to tracking NPS over time on a customer level or across your organization, our robust reports help you gain actionable insights to improve your business.


A single customer feedback platform

Boast is an all-in-one solution for sending NPS surveys, managing responses, and analyzing reports, but we also offer robust customer surveys, video testimonials, and more.

Implement NPS with Boast today