Successful agencies leverage social proof with Boast to grow their business

Boast assists growth-focused agencies with an all-in-one platform to collect, manage, and share video testimonials.

Why do agencies choose Boast?

An all-in-one platform to manage social proof from your clients

Most people look to others’ opinions when it comes to buying decisions. Providing social proof for your business is essential to maximize growth.

  • Boast offers an all-in-one platform for you to collect, manage, and share social proof from your clients.
  • Robust drag-and-drop form builder for all your social proof needs
  • Organizational tools to manage and sort your feedback
  • Easy-to-use integrations to share on your website and social media.

Build a library of social proof with automated sequences

Spend more time focusing on your clients by automating your feedback requests. With Boast, you can set automated sequences to request feedback, online reviews, and testimonials from your clients.

This feature allows you to collect feedback at the right time, so you can focus on your clients.

  • Set automated email and SMS drip campaigns
  • Pre-built templates for standardized client feedback (e.g., NPS®, CSAT, and CES)
  • Automatic enrollment triggers to connect with clients at the right time

Get serious about leveraging social proof to grow your agency business

Feedback surveys

Acquire valuable insight from your clients with feedback surveys. When you understand how your clients feel about you and your services, you can take action to grow and improve your business.

Boast offers an all-in-one platform to easily request, collect, and manage feedback from your clients. Build your form to capture all the feedback you need. Set an automated email drip campaign, and watch the surveys roll in.

Online Reviews

Clients who have a negative experience are more likely to write an online review than those who had a positive experience. Ensure a healthy balance of online reviews by connecting with your happy clients.

With Boast, you can send an initial client survey to determine who your promoters are. Follow up with another email to request an online review using integrated links to sites like Google and Facebook. Automate the entire process with sequences, so you can collect the social proof you need and focus on wowing your clients.

User-Generated Videos

Your happy clients can be natural promoters of your business through word-of-mouth. Build an authentic library of social proof with user-generated videos submitted by your clients.

Boast’s video collection software makes it simple for your clients to record and submit a video – no need to download a separate app! Manage your videos all in one platform and easily share your social proof to your website, social media, or download for other uses.

Video Testimonials

People listen to others’ experiences when determining who to trust and what to buy. Build trust in your brand with video testimonials from your clients.

Boast offers a seamless experience for collecting and managing video testimonials. The platform includes everything you need to build the form, send to your clients, manage the videos, and share online.

Why agencies rely on Boast

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