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Close more sales and grow your business with video testimonials

Video testimonials establish trust in a way that text reviews don’t. Boast makes it easy to collect, manage, and display them.

Why you need video testimonials

Video testimonials are a huge factor when it comes to making a buying decision. If you aren’t using video testimonials to share customers’ praise, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to have current customers help you sell to prospects.

Benefits of video testimonials

Social proof

We’re all influenced by the opinions and actions of others. When prospects can see that others have done business with you and love you, they’re more likely to do the same.

Establish trust

Video testimonials offer another level of rapport beyond text testimonials and reviews. They are more authentic and more believable.

Close more sales

Prospects will be more likely to do business with you if they are confident in your track record and your ability to deliver. Video testimonials help foster that confidence.

What is video testimonial software?

Video testimonial software is a tool to help businesses request, collect, organize, and display video testimonials. The best tools allow you to automate your video testimonial process by integrating with existing tools to automatically request praise from happy customers.

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Why you need a video testimonial app

Collecting testimonials, reviews, and general feedback from customers is hard work! You have to remember to ask, likely follow up a couple of times to get them to act, organize the feedback you receive, and manually publish it to your website or other channels.

Video testimonials add another level of complexity to this process – if you don’t want to fork out thousands to have a professional shoot and edit each video, how do you convince customers to record a video on their own? Once it’s recorded, how do they get it to you?

Video testimonial software helps you overcome these hurdles and automate the process so videos roll in even while you’re sleeping.

Key benefits of video testimonial software

Awesome customer experience

Make the experience of receiving a request, recording a video, and submitting it simple, quick and easy for your customers.

Testimonial automation

Take the manual work and human error out of requesting video testimonials. Put requests on autopilot so you can focus on running your business.

Incentives and rewardsComing Soon

Increase response rates with e-gift cards for incentivizing customers to submit a video or rewarding customers once their testimonial is received.

Integrate with existing tools

Take your automation to the next level by integrating with existing tools and processes to collect even more praise.

Organize video testimonials

Tag and filter testimonials based on product, location, staff member, or custom fields so you can display the right testimonials in the right places to make the biggest impact.

Share your praise

Get notified when new testimonials are submitted so you can review them and approve them to be pushed out to your website or social channels.

Start building your library of raving video testimonials today