Boast helps customer service teams collect feedback and increase efficiency

Help your customers succeed by collecting feedback to improve customer experiences, streamline support, and increase revenue.

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Why does customer feedback matter for marketing and sales teams?

product feedback

Reduce Support Requests

Collect customer feedback by surveying customers in response to support requests. Use responses to identify common problems, uncover obstacles in finding solutions, and to prevent similar issues in the future.

marketing sales

Decrease Churn

Use customer feedback to inform your support process and make it easier for customers to solve problems and get their questions answered. The better customer experience you provide, the longer customers will stick around.

customer success

Increase Loyalty

Customers love doing business with organizations that are easy to work with. By using feedback to improve customer experiences, customer success teams help increase loyalty and ultimately fuel business growth.

How can customer support teams leverage customer feedback?

Customer Surveys

Customer surveys help support teams know what their customers need help with, how they like to solve problems, and what’s getting in their way. This information can be leveraged to reduce support requests, decrease churn, increase loyalty, and improve customer experiences.

Customer Effort Score

A specific type of customer survey for support teams is Customer Effort Score (CES). This is a single metric that can be tracked over time and benchmarked against your competitors. Simply ask customers for a 1-7 rating on how easy it was to handle their issue and calculate your CES based on the average score.

App Feedback

In-App Feedback Requests

The more convenient you make it for customers to submit feedback, the more likely they are to do so. By creating opportunities for customers to submit feedback while they are using your app, you can collect more feedback, gain actionable insights for improving your product, and further improve customer experience.

Why customer service teams use Boast

Boast is a single tool for all of your customer feedback needs.

Awesome customer experience

Boast makes it easy for your customers to receive a feedback request and respond to it with mobile friendly forms and simple email, SMS, or in-app requests.

Automate customer feedback

One ask might not be enough to get that valuable feedback. With sequences, Boast nudges customers for you – enroll them once, and we’ll handle the rest.

Share your praise

Collect awesome feedback? Approve that praise to show up on your website or social channels. Consider triggering additional requests based on feedback, like asking for an online review or video testimonial.

Integrate with existing tools

Boast integrates with countless customer support systems and CRMs via Zapier, so you can set and forget your customer feedback requests based on a closed ticket or other criteria.

Organize customer feedback

Have a single home for all of the customer feedback you receive so you can easily analyze the data and take action to improve customer experiences.

Actionable reporting

Leverage built-in reporting tools for making sense of the data and identifying trends that have an impact on your bottom line.

Video feedback editing

Polish your customer feedback videos by removing dead space at the beginning or end of a video, cleaning up awkward pauses or throat clearing, and more.

Customer feedback video automations

Add custom intro and outro videos, title slides, background music, and more to transform your customer feedback content then easily automate to all subsequent videos.

What Boast customers are saying

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