Successful creators and consultants collect and share social proof with Boast.

Boast offers a simplified testimonial process so you can build a library of social proof to showcase on your website, social media, and ads.

Why do creators and consultants choose Boast?

An automated process to build a library of social proof

When you’re busy creating content for your business, it can be difficult to remember to ask for feedback or a review. With Boast, you can automate the collection of video testimonials and online reviews from your audience.

Use our robust drag-and-drop form builder to create a customized testimonial or review request. Set up a sequence to automate email requests and reminders, then you can sit back and watch the social proof roll in.

An all-in-one platform to manage praise from your audience

With Boast, you can request, collect, and manage your social proof all in one place. Organize praise with custom tags and categorize them based on sentiment.

Easily import any existing social proof you have from your audience. Similarly, export your reviews, feedback, and testimonials to share where it matters most.

Share your social proof where it matters most

Social proof can be shared in many ways. Boast makes it easy to display praise wherever your audience is with a single click.

Our platform offers customizable widgets to display on your website or landing pages. Instantly share your praise on social media or export your praise to leverage in your marketing efforts.

Get serious about leveraging social proof to grow your business

Video Testimonials

People value the opinion and experience of others, even if they’re a stranger. Capture the positive experiences of your audience with Boast’s all-in-one video testimonial software.

In a few simple steps, you can request, collect, and share video testimonials from your audience to your website and social media. Our video testimonial software is designed to simplify and automate this process, so you can build a library of praise while you sleep.

Online Reviews

People are more likely to leave negative reviews online, so it’s important to be proactive in asking your audience for reviews at the right time.

With Boast, you’ll have a single tool to request reviews for sites like Google and Facebook all in one place. Set up a sequence to put your online review requests on autopilot so you can focus on wowing your audience.

User-Generated Videos

Authenticity is important when prospects are looking into your product or service. User-generated videos provide authentic social proof from your audience.

The process to collect user-generated videos is not always easy. With Boast, you can easily send a link and request a video from your audience. They open the link, record themselves with their phone or laptop, and click submit.

Feedback surveys

It’s important to understand how your audience feels about your product or service. Both positive and negative feedback matters, so you can continue to grow your business and provide the best experience to your audience.

Get a pulse on who your promoters are, so you can reach out and collect their valuable experience with your brand. You can even track experience over time with customer survey standards like NPS® or CSAT.

Why creators and consultants rely on Boast

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