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How to Improve Customer Effort Score (CES)

Your customer effort score (CES) is a good measure of how easy or difficult it is for customers to conduct vital activities, such as purchasing or getting assistance. If you’ve submitted a customer effort score survey to your customers, you may have seen areas of your website, store, customer service department, or other areas that… Continue reading

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Google Review Policy: What Business Owners Can and Can’t Do to Get More Google...

Google reviews have become an important part of digital marketing, especially for local businesses. To find out if your business is worth a visit, many prospective customers turn to Google first. If you’re working on getting more Google reviews, you may be wondering what’s allowed and what isn’t. Here is everything you need to know… Continue reading
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When To Use a Customer Effort Score Survey

Customer effort score (CES) is a customer satisfaction metric that can give you important insights about your users’ or customers’ experience. Unlike other customer satisfaction metrics, customer effort score looks at a specific interaction, and asks customers to gauge how easy or difficult it was. Since it is different than other customer satisfaction metrics, it… Continue reading
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8 Signs It's Time to Measure Your NPS

How do you know when you need to survey your customers? You don’t want to submit surveys too often and annoy your customers, but you also need to know about important metrics like customer loyalty, customer retention, and repeat purchases. When you see the following signs, it’s time to measure your NPS, and assess your… Continue reading
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How to Improve Your NPS Score

Your NPS score gives you a single number that makes it easy to measure your overall customer satisfaction. By asking a single question—”How likely are you to recommend us to your friends or colleagues?”—to your customers, along with a scale of 0 to 10, you can average your customer’s satisfaction. This can be a benchmark… Continue reading
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21 Testimonial Questions to Make Easy, Impactful Testimonials

High-quality testimonials show your business’s value, inspire trust, and give your business authority. But gathering testimonials that sound sincere while also highlighting your businesses can be tough. The right testimonial questions can shape the narrative, and tell the customer’s story as well as your own. Use these 21 testimonial questions to help you and your… Continue reading

Customer Feedback

5 Customer Satisfaction Metrics to Predict Revenue Growth

If you continually please your customers, you have a good chance of positive growth in the future. This is why a number of customer satisfaction metrics can be used to predict revenue growth. Some of these are more exact than others, and which you use will depend on the type of business you have and… Continue reading
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7 Tips for Closing the Customer Feedback Loop

Once you’ve gathered actionable feedback from your customer feedback surveys, you need to take action. Closing the customer feedback loop means making changes, thanking your customers for their feedback, and letting them know you’ve made these changes. Use these tips for closing the customer feedback loop and you’ll be able to act on the feedback… Continue reading
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9 Best Practices for Customer Feedback Management

Customer feedback can help to reveal problems or weaknesses in your business, show how customers use your business, and how you can best improve. With the right system for collecting, managing and using customer feedback, you can save time, collect more accurate data, and use that data more efficiently. As you work on a strategy… Continue reading
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How to Ask for Feedback From Customers: 6 Templates

Customer feedback is a powerful tool for solving problems, adding new features or products, and growing your business. Knowing how to ask for feedback from customers can help to increase response rates and improve the quality of the feedback you receive. How you ask for customer feedback will depend on the information you’re looking for,… Continue reading
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7 Customer Feedback Form Tools for Every Business

Understanding customer feedback can help move your business in the right direction. When you know what your customers want and what you’re doing well—or not so well—you’ll know where your efforts will be most effective. Customer feedback forms can help you quickly and effectively collect or organize customer feedback. There are many different customer feedback… Continue reading