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How to Get Google Reviews: 8 Strategies for Business Owners

Online reviews are an increasingly important part of all types of businesses, from hospitality business to professional services, brick-and-mortar stores to online retail, and everything in between. Millions of potential customers look to Google reviews each day to decide where to shop, eat, vacation, and find the services that they need. Not having Google reviews,… Continue reading


Google Review Policy: What Business Owners Can and Can’t Do to Get More Google...

Google reviews have become an important part of digital marketing, especially for local businesses. To find out if your business is worth a visit, many prospective customers turn to Google first. If you’re working on getting more Google reviews, you may be wondering what’s allowed and what isn’t. Here is everything you need to know… Continue reading
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Why Are Online Reviews Important?

Online reviews are important to your business, and only becoming more important as time goes on. According to a study by Search Engine Land, reviews on Google alone show impressive numbers; “From 2013 to 2014, the number of [Google reviews] grew by 80 percent. The next year it grew by 114 percent, and from 2015… Continue reading
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2018 Online Review Statistics You Need to Know

Online reviews have become an essential part of not only ecommerce, but buyer behavior in general. Before visiting a restaurant, booking a hotel, or even seeing a doctor or buying a car, consumers want to know about other consumers’ experiences. While the use of online reviews varies across industries and across different review sites, these… Continue reading
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8 Essential Features for Testimonial Software

The right testimonial software can help you gather more online testimonials, and improve your business’s reputation without demanding hours of your time. To help you save time and manage your reviews, there are a few essential features that your testimonial software should have. Your software should help you not only display testimonials in an attractive… Continue reading

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Get to Know Boast’s New Features

Our customers have given us valuable feedback, and we’ve been listening. We’ve made some changes to Boast and upgraded features to give you more usability and make the platform easier to use. Here’s everything you need to know about Boast’s new features, and how you can use these changes to collect more testimonials. Please note… Continue reading

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How to Ask For a Google Review

Setting up a Google Business account is a great tactic to boost your search engine optimization and build brand recognition and loyalty. Google makes it easy for people to leave reviews, and these reviews will show up with your Google Business listing. To build a strong reputation online, you need to know how to ask… Continue reading
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4 Examples of Responses to Negative Reviews We Love

Not every customer is going to have an excellent experience with your business. Hopefully, it doesn’t spiral out of control and result in a negative online review, but in some cases, people will take to the internet to extinguish their frustration. Negative reviews can be turned positive if you leverage them to build rapport for… Continue reading
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Case Study: Seth Godin Uses Video Testimonials to Build Social Proof in Book Mar...

People look to other people when they need an opinion on a product or service online. If they cannot physically see or experience it, they probably need some additional proof it’s worth the purchase. This is also true in book marketing. That’s where a strong testimonial collection strategy comes in. Seth Godin, author, teacher, entrepreneur… Continue reading
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Case Study: Blue Cross Recruits New Hires Using Employee Testimonials

A great way to build positive proof around your company is through employee testimonials. Who better to elect as evangelists for your brand than those who pour hours of their week into working for it? Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana used video testimonials in their recruitment process, with noticeable results. Building Company Culture with Employee… Continue reading
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65 Customer Feedback Questions to Improve Your Business

Is your customer service top-notch? Are your product features the best in the business? You can’t be sure unless you ask your customers. We’ve added 20 additional questions to give you 65 customer feedback questions address every part of your business, from customer service to market research. Customize these questions to suit your business and… Continue reading