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Standardize product feedback with survey templates or build custom questionnaires to identify trends and drive meaningful business improvements.

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Why does feedback matter for product teams?

product feedback

Improve Your Product

Product feedback is essential to understanding customer needs, uncovering bugs, and improving functionality. Ask the right questions, at the right time, in the right places, and you’ll gain invaluable feedback for improving your product.

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Build What Customers Want

In order to create products or features that people will pay money for, you need to make sure there is a market. Collect product feedback to understand what your customers want and prioritize your roadmap accordingly.

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Increase Revenue

From keeping customers happy to informing your product roadmap, an effective product feedback strategy will ultimately help you increase revenue and grow your business.

How can product teams leverage customer feedback?

App Feedback

In-App Feedback Requests

The best way to start collecting product feedback is to remove as many obstacles as possible that would prevent customers from sharing their thoughts. In-app feedback requests allow customers to submit their questions or requests conveniently, so you can collect more feedback from more customers.

Customer Surveys

Customer surveys allow you to get more in-depth product feedback to better understand your customers and their needs. The information you collect can be leveraged to improve messaging to prospects, decrease churn, and better cater to the needs of existing customers.

Feedback Organization

With the right tools, it’s easy to collect meaningful product feedback. The challenge then becomes understanding what the feedback is saying and taking appropriate action. By organizing the feedback you collect and using tags to understand consistent themes, you can use feedback to improve your product and inform its future.

Why collect product feedback with Boast?

Boast is a single tool for all of your customer feedback needs.

Awesome customer experience

Make it easy for customers to submit feedback with intuitive, mobile-friendly feedback requests and submission forms.

Automate customer feedback

Don’t rely on remembering to ask customers for feedback. Easily automate email and SMS requests with sequences.

Share your praise

When you collect awesome feedback about your product, simply approve it to show up on your website or social channels.

Integrate with existing tools

Leverage countless CRM, ERP, and customer support integrations via ZapierBeta to take your feedback automation to the next level.

Organize customer feedback

With a single tool for collecting and managing feedback, Boast helps you make the most of product feedback. Tag responses, report on trends, and more.

Actionable reporting

Leverage built-in reporting tools for making sense of the data and identifying trends that have an impact on your bottom line.

Video feedback editing

Polish your customer feedback videos by removing dead space at the beginning or end of a video, cleaning up awkward pauses or throat clearing, and more.

Customer feedback video automations

Add custom intro and outro videos, title slides, background music, and more to transform your customer feedback content then easily automate to all subsequent videos.

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