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power of persuasion to collect testimonials

How to Use Principles of Persuasion to Collect More Video Testimonials

Collecting testimonials is the best way to influence customer purchasing decisions. To go a step further, video testimonials are are far more convincing. In fact, 64% of website visitors are more likely to purchase a product at an online retail site after watching a video (ComScore). The problem is, how do you get customers to submit video testimonials? There are a few different psychological tricks you can use to your advantage.

Here are 4 Principles of Persuasion to Use to Collect More Video Testimonials

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What Makes a Website Trustworthy?

What Makes a Website Trustworthy? 5 Factors That Make or Break Trust Online

Today more than ever before, trust is an issue online. Users are rightfully concerned about whether the information they’re reading is accurate, if their personal information is secure, or how their browsing habits are observed and used. But what makes a website trustworthy? How do users decide which websites are accurate, secure, and ethical? And does this work?

5 Factors that Make or Break Trust Online

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Trusted Housesitters Moments and Memories Boast Testimonial Campaign

Case Study: How Trusted Housesitters Collected Over 2,000 Boast Customer Testimonials Using a Contest

Sharing economy websites—platforms that facilitate lending, buying, and selling goods or services from individuals online—have revolutionized a number of industries from travel to education, even childcare, food and beauty services. Trust in these peer-to-peer marketplaces is the currency second only to currency itself. Dealing with two of the most cherished things in many of our lives—our homes and our pets—peer-to-peer pet-sitting start up Trusted Housesitters knew it needed to collect customer stories to build trust on their platform. We’ll show you how Trusted Housesitters used Boast and a compelling giveaway to gather over 2,000 video testimonials and build trust on their sharing economy marketplace.

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customer feedback to generate actionable insights

How To Use Customer Feedback to Generate Actionable Insights

When was the last time that you changed something about your business or product? Was it an internal, staff-facing change or an external, customer-facing change? Too often, businesses neglect customer-facing changes because they don’t know how to use customer feedback to generate actionable insights. Customer feedback, including testimonials, surveys, comment cards, social mentions and more, has immense value; it’s quantitative and qualitative data you can use to drive real change in your business. With the right process in place, you can use customer feedback to gather actionable insights and make real changes.

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Signs it's time to request a client testimonial

12 Signs It’s Time to Request a Client Testimonial

Developing a collection of outstanding client testimonials means not only delivering a great experience, but also knowing how and when to ask your client for their thoughts. If you ask too soon, they might not be ready, but if you delay too long it might be too late. Look for one or more of these 12 signs it’s time to request a client testimonial and you’ll know when to get your testimonial request emails, phone call or face-to-face meeting ready.

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14 Jun 2018
by Sam Stemler

Are Paid or Fake Testimonials Illegal?

are fake testimonials illegalLaunching a product or starting a business is hard. You’ve spent time and money to make something great, but no one is paying attention. You need to get noticed, so you find yourself in a gray area, asking; Are paid or fake testimonials illegal? How illegal are they? Will I get caught?

You’re certainly not the first nor the last to ask these questions. We’ve addressed some of the most common questions about paid and fake testimonials, and provided solutions to help you solve these problems while maintaining your ethics.

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How to create powerful case study videos

How To Create Powerful Case Study Videos That Convert Leads

In many consumers’ lives today, time is the most valuable resource. With so much content competing for customers’ precious time every day, it’s harder and harder to get noticed. Demonstrations aren’t enough; videos must show what consumers gain and prove it. Case study videos do exactly that.

We’ll show you how to create powerful case study videos that convert leads, and give you examples of compelling videos that get noticed and get shared online. Read more

7 Signs of a Trustworthy and Reliable Testimonial

Positive reviews and testimonials influence as many as 90% of buyers. If a product is reviewed favorably or you see a convincing testimonial, you’re more likely to believe it’s a good product and buy it. But are product testimonials reliable?

We’ve all seen suspicious commercials with testimonials from “real people, not actors.” We’ve seen long lists of five-star reviews for products we know are bad. So how do you weed out the fakes and find the trustworthy and reliable testimonials? And, as a business, how can you get these authentic testimonials and ensure they aren’t mistaken for the frauds? Read more

7 Ways to Use Testimonials to Close More Sales

How to Use Testimonials to Close More Sales

Customer testimonials are among the most effective ways to reach new customers. When an existing customer says something, prospective customers have no reason to doubt them. While reviews and testimonials help in advertising and marketing, how do you use testimonials in sales? Try out these 7 ways to use testimonials to close sales and improve your sales strategy overall.

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7 Unconventional Ways to Ask for Testimonials From Your Customers

Ask for testimonialsAsking for testimonials is a challenge for even the most confident entrepreneurs. It can feel awkward to record your customers’ compliments, or you may not know how to ask. If you’re not comfortable with some of the traditional ways to gather quality customer testimonials or you’re looking for a different strategy, try these 7 unconventional ways to ask for testimonials.

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7 Hidden Positive Effects of Negative Reviews

The positive effects of negative reviewsNegative reviews are tough to see. Whether the negative review was left by an particularly picky customer or something just went wrong that day, negative reviews don’t seem fair. It’s tempting to try and get rid of or cover up these harsh comments by any means necessary. However, manipulating the review system to only show positive reviews is not only unethical, but it can hurt your business. Negative reviews can actually have some positive effects. Read more

08 Nov 2017
by Sam Stemler

5 Places to Add Client Testimonials to Your Website

Add client testimonials to your website

A recent survey found that 88% of consumers look at reviews before buying. The things they’re buying may be small, like a new blender, or big, like a new car. No matter what industry you’re in, the great majority of customers are looking at your reviews. You can control the conversation by highlighting client testimonials on your website. By using your reviews in more than one place on your website, you can maximize the effect. Read more

Top 6 Places to Audit Your Online Business Reputation

Online business reputation

It’s important to continuously keep an eye on your online business reputation. Doing so will ensure that you are on top of responding to feedback both positive and negative at all times. Pulling an audit of your online business reputation doesn’t have to be tricky. By planning ahead, and creating a relevant list of places to review for your business, you can ensure that you are always on top of the conversation surrounding your business.

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4 Ways to Make Your Customers More Comfortable Submitting Video Testimonials

When requesting video testimonials from your customers it’s important to make them feel as prepared and comfortable as possible. Many times people are apprehensive to see themselves on video. This causes them to forego leaving a video testimonial all together, even if they’ve had a great experience with your company. In order to create a comfortable atmosphere you need to make the submission process simple and stress free.

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09 Dec 2016
by Kelsey Taber

15 User Generated Content Statistics to Inform Your Strategy

Cultivating user generated content allows you to showcase quality social proof for your brand. User generated content can be used on your website and social media pages to connect with potential customers. For example running a user generated content campaign on Instagram allows you to showcase relatable customer photos or videos using your product or service. Consumers are naturally influenced by brands they can relate to, so this is a great strategy to bring in new leads.

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Employee Video Testimonials: The Key to Showing Company Culture

Employee Video Testimonials The Key to Showing Company Culture

One of the best ways to connect with potential customers is to showcase company culture. Posting authentic content on your social media pages and website allows potential customers to get a more genuine picture of your company. Customers are more likely to connect with your brand if they feel like they can relate to your company culture and your employees. One way to show company culture is by collecting employee video testimonials.  Read more

The Importance of Showcasing Testimonials and Reviews on Facebook

the importance of showcasing testimonials and reviews on facebook

Facebook has become a versatile social platform that is used for much more than personal pages. As it has evolved, it has become incredibly important to have business Facebook pages. Consumers expect to be able to find your brand online and on various social media sites. Facebook has cultivated so much information over the years that it has turned into a form of search engine for consumers and businesses alike. That’s why it’s incredibly important to showcase testimonials and reviews on Facebook. Read more

How to Use Boast Social Sharing Buttons

When configuring your display widgets, a unique feature that can be added are social sharing buttons. These buttons allow you to give users and your company the option to share individual testimonial submissions to Facebook and Twitter. Social proof builds credibility for your brand, so allowing your customer testimonials to be shared far and wide is a great way to spread social proof for your brand rapidly. Read more

Create a Proactive Customer Service Strategy with Video Content

Video content engages your customers much more effectively than text content. That’s why it’s an important piece of a proactive customer service strategy. Creating videos that your customers can access for common questions, onboarding and other tasks will take some of the stress off of your customer service team, and allow your customers to get their questions answered much faster.

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4 Foolproof Ways to Collect Quality Customer Testimonials

It can be difficult to know the right moment to ask your customers for a testimonial. Far too often companies miss the best opportunities to connect with their customers and receive a testimonial. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the right timing to collect quality customer testimonials from your unique customer base. These 4 methods are foolproof ways to collect a robust feed of quality customer testimonials. In the end, it’s all about being proactive.

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Amplify Your Cause with Non-Profit Video Marketing

When increasing awareness and support of your non-profit, your greatest asset are your current community of supporters. Many non-profits rely on out of date methods to increase membership and brand awareness. One way to improve your non-profit’s marketing strategy is to increase your video marketing. Non-profit video marketing can be used in a multitude of different ways and will have a lasting impression on potential members and donors.

Amplify Your Cause With Non-Profit Video Marketing
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01 Sep 2016
by Kelsey Taber

Build a Company Instagram Page with User Generated Content

Creating an Instagram page for your brand can be tricky. Unlike other social media sites, posting marketing content and other company updates doesn’t fly on Instagram. Building your company Instagram page with user generated content will help you share content your followers want to see. However, not all companies are the right fit for this platform. Here are some tips on what goes into building a company Instagram page with user generated content and whether it’s the right move for your brand.

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12 User Generated Content Campaign Examples From Big Brands

Consumer’s trust each other more than they trust brands, in fact in one survey conducted, 63% of respondents said they trust photos taken by customers more than those taken by a manufacturer or seller. This makes user generated content—videos, photos or comments from your customers—even more valuable. Millennials produce and respond to user generated  content examples and campaigns more than any other group; 84% reporting that user generated content on company websites has at least some influence on what they buy. Curating content from your customers is an important piece of today’s marketing puzzle. Here are 4 user generated content example campaigns that converted leads for these big brands.

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, we’ve updated our original 4 user generated content examples to show how they’ve improved, and we’ve added 8 more campaigns that generated lots of buzz for popular brands in 2018!

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Where to Look to Find Insights On Customer Behavior

Knowing when, where and how to influence your customers with marketing content is all based on research. But it can be difficult to know exactly where to look. There are a few different ways to approach your customer behavior research. First you need to identify questions you have about your customers, and gaps in your customer insights. Then you can use a multitude of tools to fill in the gaps and help you create more useful marketing content.

Google analytics customer behavior insightsCustomer email marketing engagement behaviorCustomer buyer persona insights
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19 Jul 2016
by Kelsey Taber

How to Write a Compelling Customer Case Study

Showcasing your customer’s successes is a great way to include customers in your marketing strategy. One way to elaborate on customer successes is through a customer case study. This is long-tail content that gives the background of your customer, their relationship with your business, and how your company has helped them achieve their goals. Leveraging customer case studies will help your company bring in new business with relatable and informational content.

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5 Essential Elements of a Real Estate Business Facebook Page

Having a separate business Facebook page is an essential part to any business’s marketing plan. This includes all business sizes, large and small. One industry that especially benefits from having a quality business Facebook page is the real estate industry. Creating a strategically laid out real estate business Facebook page will help you increase leads and win new business.
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4 Common Testimonial Mistakes To Avoid

Having a strong testimonial strategy is an essential piece to winning new business. Making sure you’re keeping your customers and audience top of mind during each stage of your strategy will ensure you create the most impact with your testimonials.There are a few common testimonial mistakes that many businesses make that jeopardize how effective their campaign is. Here are 4 common testimonial mistakes to avoid.

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Video Marketing Tricks Your Competitors Aren’t Using

Video marketing is an essential piece to your modern marketing strategy. Basic video trends, like video ads for example, have been adopted by a majority of businesses. In one study, 69% of marketing, sales and business professionals reported using video marketing and another 31% are planning to. With this trend being rapidly adopted your brand needs to think outside of the box to make an impact with your video content.

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Engaging Ways to Promote Video Testimonials on Social Media

Building a strong social media presence for your business is one the the best ways to shape your brand image. By including your customers in your social media strategy, you can leave a lasting impression with your business social media profiles. Using video testimonials as an integral piece of your strategy is a great way to engage your audience. Find out different ways you can promote your customer video testimonials on each of your business’s social media pages.

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10 Mar 2016
by Kelsey Taber

How to Collect Star Ratings From Your Customers

Using a system to collect star ratings is a great way to add some additional social proof to your customer testimonials. Not only are star ratings an easy comparison metric for your customers, they help you make quick and informed decisions as a brand. Whether you plan to collect star ratings for your product or service, or just want some behind the scenes feedback from your customers, you need to have a plan in place to ensure your customers participate.

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02 Mar 2016
by Kelsey Taber
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20 Impactful Statistics About Using Testimonials In Marketing

It’s no secret that the social proof generated through testimonials helps your brand promote credibility. But in case you needed some more reasons to add testimonials into your marketing campaigns, we’ve laid out a few below. These 20 statistics prove that testimonials are a influential addition to your marketing campaigns.

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Testimonial Examples To Inspire Your First Campaign

Creating an engaging and effective page to showcase your customer testimonials can be hard when starting from scratch. Just like any other marketing tactic it can be helpful to see examples of what leaders in your industry are doing before you begin to create your own campaign. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of examples that include testimonial content from across the Board. Take these examples and apply them to your own testimonial campaign. What style do you think will be the most effective at influencing your unique customers?

Planning testimonial page using Testimonial Examples Read more

The Art of Building Rapport Online

Building rapport online with your target audience is difficult. Without being able to communicate with them directly, it can be hard to ensure you’re making a good first impression. There are, however, a few steps you can take to build trust online and create connections with potential customers. It’s all about showing what you do, why you care, and why it matters in a way that forms a meaningful connection.


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16 Dec 2015
by Kelsey Taber

Why Emotion Trumps Logic in Marketing

Consumers are turning to more resources to make purchasing decisions than ever before. From searching through a company’s website and social media pages, to looking up comparative reviews, the internet provides consumers with an infinite amount of detailed information to aide their buyer journey. But there is a piece to the puzzle that trumps all logical research, and that is emotion. An fMRI neuro-imagery study shows that when evaluating brands, consumers primarily use emotions gathered from personal feelings and experiences rather than information given about a brand. This study proves that if a consumer grows an emotional connection to a brand, that connection will influence them to choose that brand over it’s competitors time and time again regardless of other factors. So how do you evoke emotion in marketing to hook potential customers?
Starbucks Brand Loyalty
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Increase Credibility With These 5 Forms of Social Proof

Social proof is the idea that people will conform to the actions of others in an attempt to reflect a popular behavior or make a correct decision for a given situation. By showing social proof for your company’s product or service, this influences consumers to make more rapid decisions.  The more forms of social proof you can cultivate the greater chance you will have to increase credibility for your business. So what kinds of social proof exist? And how do you relate that back to your marketing strategy? It’s simple!

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07 Dec 2015
by boast-admin-user

Video Testimonials: The Key To Increasing Product Sales

Selling a product can be a difficult task, especially in today’s society with the abundance of options and product comparisons available. The secret to successfully selling your product is easier than you imagined. Stop and think about what convinced you to buy that new car or phone, most likely it was another person telling you the benefits of the product and how happy they were with their decision to purchase it. Testimonials are a smart and simple way to give potential customers the extra push they need to follow through with buying your product.

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19 Nov 2015
by boast-admin-user
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6 Essential Marketing Videos to Transform Your Website

One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Adding video content to your marketing strategy not only keeps customers engaged on your website, but it also helps your company gain valuable credibility. Including video content on different areas of your website does takes some extra effort, but the increased ROI will prove their effectiveness over other marketing tactics.


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Segmentation: The Key to Influencing Target Audiences With Video Testimonials

Video content is a necessary and important piece of your business’s marketing strategy that helps you reach today’s distracted and over stimulated consumers. Using video testimonials as a part of your overall video marketing strategy is a great way to create an engaging, personal, and credible feed of content. One way to take your video testimonials to the next level are to segment them. By strategically grouping together content that makes sense for your brand, and targeting different areas of your audience with it, it will help you increase reach and be more effective in engaging consumers with relevant content. This secondary step to organize your video testimonial strategy will help you become an expert at targeting your audiences in the right way.

Schedule of content Read more

How Agencies Can Deliver More Value To Clients With Testimonial Processes

As an agency, you want to provide value to your clients with software and applications that work to help them increase ROI. Many of these processes implemented into your client’s marketing strategy takes effort from both ends to work. One process that is important, is to have a system in place to collect social proof. Collecting testimonials is an imperative part of adding social proof to your customer’s marketing strategy, but you need to equip them with the skill set and tools to make their testimonial processes produce the most value. Here are a few steps your agency can take to create a testimonial process and deliver more value to your clients. In turn, making you look like marketing rockstars.

Agency and Client Meeting

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How To Create Micro-Moments With Video Testimonials

With the explosion of online content, it’s harder to cut through the clutter and engage users. The way people engage is changing rapidly as well with 34% of smartphone users going online mostly using their phones, and not on a desktop, laptop, or other device. Micro-moments are becoming a popular and smart solution to rapidly and effectively share content for your brand to specifically engage mobile users. Video testimonials can be a simple and impactful way for your company to start producing mobile-friendly micro-moments.

Woman using phone to view micro-moments

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Moms Are Turning To Video Content To Make Decisions, Learn & Engage

A study conducted by think with google and TNS found that 83% of moms search for answers to their questions online. And of those, three in five turn to online video in particular. They also discovered that of the moms surveyed who view videos on YouTube, 81% watch how-to content. And of the moms surveyed, 58% said they’re likely to search for videos about a certain product before making a purchase. With this study, marketers learned that moms are turning to video content more than ever before. They are watching videos to learn how to fix, create, and achieve new goals. And they are weighing the content they watch into their purchasing and life decisions. Here is a look at how moms are turning to video content, and how you can apply that to your marketing strategy.

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5 Ways To Improve Your Website Without A Redesign

A complete website redesign can take weeks or even months, and finding the time and budget to do so can be an even bigger challenge for busy companies. That’s why tackling website improvements in smaller chunks can be more feasible for businesses in a time or budget crunch. There are multiple ways to update your website while waiting for the right time to do a full redesign that can give your website a facelift. Minor updates have the potential to help you improve the overall user experience on your website which, can work magic at increasing traffic and leads.

Here are 5 improvements that can enhance your website:

1. Add Testimonials

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05 Oct 2015
by Kelsey Taber

How To Generate More Leads From Your Website (With Examples!)

Many companies have outstanding traffic performance on their website, but have trouble bridging the gap between traffic and new leads. Their number one struggle is figuring out how to capitalize on their high traffic and create a system that puts great leads at their fingertips. Does this struggle sound familiar? The best way to create a conversion from traffic to leads is by adding forms to multiple places on your website. Forms are a strategic way to collect leads by creating a barrier to your valuable content or next steps that require contact information in order for the user to continue.

Place Forms Here To Generate New Leads:


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24 Sep 2015
by Kelsey Taber

How To Include Customers In Your Social Media Strategy

Why does your company maintain social media pages? To increase brand awareness, be an influencer in your industry, and share content, right? While all of these things are true, it’s important to remember that engaging your target audience is your main goal. When creating and sharing content on social media it can often feel like you’re throwing content out into the universe. By including your customer base in the conversation, it can start to feel more like a two way street. How can companies work to include their customers in their social media strategy? It’s simple!

Social Media Management

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14 Sep 2015
by Kelsey Taber

Why People May Not Be Filling Out Your Website Forms

Are your website forms averaging little to no traffic per week? You’re working diligently to market them correctly to your target audience, but you’re still having no luck generating leads? This may be a warning sign that something else is going on. Trust needs to be established between you and your website users in order to get the form traffic you’re looking for. How do you build trust with potential customers? It’s all about what you do to increase your company’s credibility. There are a few different ways that companies can work to increase credibility on their site with the help of their customers and useful content marketing.

Changes That Will Increase Traffic To Your Website Forms:

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09 Sep 2015
by boast-admin-user

How Realtors Can Differentiate Themselves Using Testimonials

It is estimated by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials that there are approximately 2 million active real estate licensees in the United States. That’s 2 million people competing to win business from the same pool of consumers looking to buy and sell their home. In some states, like Arizona for example, the market is proven to be extremely saturated with an estimated 1 in every 168 people licensed to be a realtor. With this high quantity of real estate professionals comes a high level of competition. Realtors need to differentiate themselves to win business over their competitors.

Realtor Holding Sold Sign

How Can Realtors Use Testimonials To Close Sales?

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12 Aug 2015
by boast-admin-user

Top 7 Places Every Business Should Be Listed Online

85% of Consumers Use the Internet to Find Local Businesses. According to Search Engine Land’s findings, most people surveyed were just as likely to turn to the Internet, as they were to ask for personal recommendations about local businesses. Internet marketing is drastically changing the way customer reviews for businesses are shared. The more readily available you make information and reviews of your company online, the better your competitive standing.

Internet Search

Check out the top 7 places every business should be listed online:

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29 Jul 2015
by Kelsey Taber

How To Fuel Brand Advocates With User Generated Content

Social Platforms have a growing impact on how people buy. Consumers are turning to their peers more frequently to gain insights on anything from style to vacation spots to where they’ll go for dinner. Consumers love to get inspired by their peers and also have a higher probability to show off what makes them unique on social media. With a society that is fueled by social proof comes a growing number of brand advocates.

User Generated Content

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10 Jul 2015
by boast-admin-user

5 Website Updates To Help Chrysler Close More Sales

Obtaining a standing position as one of the “Big Three” automotive manufacturers in the United States is an impressive achievement. Having the best cars, employees, dealerships, prices, and website are all contributors to this success. But the industry is rapidly changing and Americans are rethinking how they are buying cars by spending less time in car dealerships and more time in front of their computers.

Buying a car online

It is hard to imagine that such a successful company could be doing anything wrong to potentially damage their future standing. When you take a look at Chryslers website, you will see why they are ranked number 3 in America – but maybe not for long.

These 5 Website Updates Could Save Chrysler From Falling Short Of Their Competitors:

Social Media Sharing

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30 Jun 2015
by boast-admin-user

The Role Testimonials Play In The Buyers Journey

Studies show that 70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before a buyer even takes action for a sale. Understanding the buyer’s journey is important when it comes to a successful marketing strategy. Testimonials have a large impact on moving potential customers closer to deciding to purchase a product or service, but where in the buyers journey are they most influential?

Buyer Research

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13 Companies That Are Using Customer Testimonials The Right Way

It’s a no brainer that companies need to collect testimonials and feedback from their customers, but what makes a powerful testimonial strategy? Its all about collecting quality content, organizing that content, and putting it in front of the eyes of the right people.

Here are 13 companies that have their testimonial strategy down:

1. Zendesk

Zendesk Customer Testimonials Read more

18 Jun 2015
by boast-admin-user

The Role Testimonials Play in the Car Buying Process

The process of purchasing a car is tricky and time-consuming for most people. Testimonials are a way to ease the work that goes into buying a car. Trying to find the perfect car, salesman, dealership, and overall experience is challenging. It is human nature to feel more confident when committing to making difficult buying decisions after being influenced by peer reviews. Reading or watching reviews could be the first step to perfecting this process.

Car Dealership

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How Big Brands Are Nurturing Satisfied Customers and Loyal Customers Differently

You may have read the title of this post and thought, satisfied customers and loyal customers go hand in hand, I already knew that! It’s the logical, but incorrect assumption that many businesses make. Often times it may feel like acquiring a satisfied customer is the first step on the yellow brick road to a loyal brand advocate of your business. The reality is they are vastly different customer groups that have conflicting business impacts, and therefore should be nurtured in different ways.

 The Satisfied Customer: An Attitude

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Benefits of Displaying Testimonials on Your Facebook Page

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become a platform where brands gain exposure and market precisely to their followers and target market to generate leads. Having customer testimonials on your business Facebook page can help build trust and engagement with your target audience. Luckily, Boast seamlessly integrates with Facebook, allowing you to collect and display testimonials right on your business Facebook page.

Advantages of Integrating Boast with Facebook

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Why Your Customers May Not be Submitting Praise

Failed Customer Testimonials

Collecting customer reviews is crucial to business growth and development. They can provide an overall understanding of your customers’ experience with your brand, products or services. Once you receive customer reviews and testimonials, finding a way to use them to benefit your business is the easy part. However, getting your customers to actually submit feedback is the real challenge. There are many different ways you can ask for feedback, but certain factors could be limiting the chance your customers respond. Below are a few reasons why your customers may not be taking the next step to submit a testimonial.

1. Long or Confusing Process

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25 Feb 2015
by boast-admin-user

The Key Role of Brand Advocates in Business Growth

brand advocates

A brand advocate is someone that speaks highly of a person, product, event, organization, etc., without being paid or compensated for it. They have a natural inclination or excitement for that thing and readily share that with groups of other people, having a tremendous, overall positive affect on that brand. Essentially, brand advocates are the underpaid and underutilized cheerleaders of the professional world, and there are four key reasons why you should invest in building up and supporting your own brand advocates. Read more

03 Dec 2014
by boast-admin-user

How to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

kioskAttending trade shows is the perfect opportunity to market your brand or products and showcase them to potential new customers. The purpose of trade shows is usually to generate leads and increase sales, but it really should be more about creating relationships with potential customers and providing a memorable brand experience. Because trade shows are focused around a specific industry, it is important to stand out from all of your competitors. Read more

Video Testimonials: The Key to a Memorable LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has become a vital part to not only maintaining a professional presence in our online world, but it has also become an avenue to expand your network and connect with old and new clients. LinkedIn’s unique, résumé-like interface offers a way to show off your skills, expertise, successes, projects and much more. However, you are mostly limited to the sections of information (summary, job descriptions, skills, etc.) that LinkedIn provides every user.

Until now. Read more

Lock Boast App in Kiosk Mode on iPad

We live in a high-tech, mobile-world where convenience is everything. If we can’t do something in a matter of seconds, we ponder if it’s worth our time.

This is no exception when it comes to collecting customer stories and reviews. The strength of a customer review goes far beyond a simple ego boost and becomes part of a powerful and effective sales and marketing strategy. But again, capturing these reviews requires organizations to get people to take the time to make them first, which becomes an obstacle in itself. One of the most effective and straight forward ways to go about getting people to participate is to get them on location and on the spot. That’s where the idea of the locking the Boast app in mobile kiosk mode came from. Read more

Customer Review Statistics

It’s one thing to simply tell you all the positive effects customer reviews can have on your business, but it’s another to have some cold, hard facts to go along with it. Customer reviews and testimonials are becoming increasingly powerful in a time when the consumer is trusting businesses less and fellow consumers more. Here are some of the latest statistics about customer reviews that will get you thinking: Read more

22 Oct 2013
by Stephanie Sundheimer

3 Ways to Use Social Proof to Grow Your Business

Social proof is the idea that we are influenced by the actions of those with whom we are socially connected. If one of your friends shops at a certain store, wears certain types of clothes or does business with a certain organization, you are more likely to follow suit. While this phenomenon is nothing new, social media and the explosion of digital engagement have brought a whole new meaning to the concept. There are definitely ways in which our increased reliance on social proof can harm businesses, but when leveraged properly, it can be an invaluable tool for closing more sales and growing your business. Here are 3 ways that you can use social proof to grow your business. Read more

4 Ways to Make Your Website More Convincing

Website credibility is a big deal. It plays a role in search engine rankings, influences how long visitors stay on your site, and dictates whether or not people make a purchase. When it comes to determining the credibility of a business, the look and feel of your site, your presence on social media, and your overall website content all play a role in a user’s initial perception. If you are looking to grow the online presence of your business, establishing credibility with website visitors is essential. Here are four ways to make your website more convincing to potential customers. Read more