Thriving software companies leverage Boast to collect product feedback from customers

Boast helps software companies collect feedback from customers to improve product features and increase sales.

Why do software companies choose Boast?

Easily collect and manage product feedback from your customers.

Your customers understand your product best. Provide opportunities for them to share feedback about your product through email or SMS requests.

Boast offers a customizable drag-and-drop form builder for all your feedback needs. Design your form with multiple pages, conditional logic, review site integrations, and more.

Grow your online reputation through automated customer review requests.

An excellent online reputation is essential for growing your software company. Customers who have a negative experience are two to three times more likely to leave a review than those who have a positive experience.

Balance the negative reviews with a proactive approach using Boast. Boast offers the tools you need to automate your customer review requests with sequences.

Capture your customers’ stories with user-generated videos.

User-generated content originates from your customers. It’s an opportunity for them to share their experience with your product.

Boast is the easiest way to request and collect user-generated videos from your customers. Easily embed videos onto your website or a landing page to share with prospects.

Get serious about customer feedback to grow your software company

Product Feedback

Growing your company also means growing your product. Send automated surveys to your customers to receive product feedback regularly.

With Boast, you can customize the feedback form to collect all the information you need. The form can be embedded on your website or live on its own landing page. Leverage Boast’s automation features to schedule recurring surveys to your customers.

Online Reviews

Your company’s online reputation matters to generate new leads and customers. Therefore, online reviews are essential to growing your business.

Boast offers the tools you need to easily request, collect, and share online reviews to major sites like Google and Facebook. Create a sequence and set your online review requests to autopilot, so you can continue wowing your customers.

User-Generated Videos

When customers are happy with a product, they often want to share about it. Give your customers the opportunity to share their experience with your product through user-generated videos.

With Boast’s simple-to-use video capture software, your customers can record and submit videos with ease. Manage all your video content in one place and quickly post videos on your website or on social media.

Customer Surveys

Gain valuable insights from your customers to help grow your company. Understanding how your customers feel about your product gives you the information you need to make improvements.

Boast’s online survey tools make it easy to collect and manage customer surveys all in one place. Track your customers’ experience over time and leverage the data to compare against industry trends.

Grow your software company with Boast