Prosperous financial organizations collect and share social proof with Boast.

Boast offers everything you need to build a library of praise to showcase on your website, social media, and ads.

Why do financial organizations choose Boast?

An all-in-one platform to build a library of praise

Boast offers a robust platform with all the tools you need to request, collect, and manage your social proof.

  • An intuitive drag-and-drop form builder and a collection of built-in templates.
  • Automated email drip campaigns using sequences to request feedback.
  • Categorize responses based on sentiment, locations, staff, and custom tags.
  • Share your praise to your website or a landing page with embeddable widgets.

An automated process to request feedback when it matters most

With Boast, you can set automated sequences as email drip campaigns. This feature allows you to collect feedback at the right time, every time.

  • Set-and-forget email and SMS to request feedback from your customers.
  • Collect feedback at regular intervals with recurring requests.
  • Automatically enroll customers into your email request campaigns based on specific criteria.

Get serious about leveraging social proof to grow your financial business

Online Reviews

A healthy online reputation is essential to growing your business. Online reviews help boost your reputation by providing social proof to website visitors. Automate your online review requests with Boast.

Boast’s online review software provides a simple process to request reviews from your customers. Collect reviews for your own website or include links to share reviews directly to sites like Facebook and Google.

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are an invaluable form of social proof. Your customers are able to share how your business helped them resolve a problem they had. You can then leverage this proof to inspire prospects.

Boast offers everything you need to request, collect, and manage video testimonials. Build your customizable form and easily share it with your customers through automated email sequences. Manage all your video testimonial submissions in one place and share with the click of a button.

User-Generated Videos

When it comes to videos, authentic content does best. This is why user-generated videos are key to capturing social proof from your customers.

Boast’s video collection software makes it simple for your customers to record and submit a video – no need to download a separate app! Easily share your customers’ videos to your website, a landing page, social media, or download to use elsewhere.

Feedback surveys

Grow and improve your organization with feedback surveys. Obtain valuable insights from your customers to understand how they feel about your services.

With Boast, you can track customer experience over time with pre-built feedback forms or build your own form according to your needs. Create sequences to automate your feedback requests so you can focus on wowing your customers.

Grow your financial organization with Boast