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Everything you need to collect and share customer feedback


Forms help you collect quality user generated content and valuable customer feedback.

Robust form builder

All the tools you need to create the feedback form that meets your needs.

Conditional logic

Show different questions and thank you messages based on rating sentiment.

Video and photo collection

Add video and photo collection fields to any form to make it simple for customers to shoot and submit content.
What are the benefits of video testimonials?

Form templates

Leverage built-in templates for NPS®, CSAT, CES, and more to standardize your feedback collection.
How can your business benefit from customer surveys?

Multi-page forms

Segment your form questions onto multiple pages to improve the experience for your customers.

Review site integrations

Integrate your forms with Google to collect more reviews.
Why do online reviews matter?

Landing page designer

Customize the look and feel of your forms to match your brand.

Sharing options

Integrate with social media sites to share the feedback you receive.

Responsive forms

Accommodate users across all devices with mobile-friendly layouts.


Display your form in multiple languages based on location.


Sequences are email and SMS drip campaigns for automating your feedback requests

Email requests

Automate emails to your customers requesting feedback.

SMS requests

Automate SMS requests to gather customer feedback.

Automated reminders

Schedule a series of requests to nurture customers and increase response rates.

Pre-built templates

Use built-in NPS, CSAT, and CES templates to standardize feedback collection.

Recurring requests

Gather feedback at regular intervals, such as monthly or quarterly, by scheduling requests.

Automatic enrollment

Leverage enrollment triggers to automate requests based on specific criteria.


Your contacts are your customer database, allowing you to request feedback based on specific criteria and track customer sentiment over time.

Import / export

Have customers you want to ask for feedback? Import them into Boast to easily send requests.


Leverage contact-level reporting to get a clear picture of customer happiness over time.


Assign locations, staff, and custom tags to categorize contacts and keep your feedback organized.


Keep your contact list up-to-date by connecting Boast with your CRM using our Zapier integration.


Reponses allow you to manage all of your customer feedback, reviews, and testimonials in a single place.

Photo and video feedback

Collect photo and video feedback, including testimonials and reviews, and manage everything in a single tool.

Aggregate ratings

Understand how sentiment changes over time, and get a clear picture of how your customers feel.

Standard formats

Standardize data to help grow your business by collecting feedback in NPS, CSAT, CES, or 5-star format.
What can customer surveys do for your business?


Categorize responses based on location, staff, and custom tags to gather insights and keep your feedback organized.

Social sharing

Build trust with your audience by sharing feedback, reviews, and testimonials on your social channels.

Import / export

Easily import existing testimonials and reviews or export the feedback you receive.


Use embeddable widgets to showcase praise from customers on your website.

Display feedback

Show the right praise in the right places to build trust with prospects using embeddable display widgets.

Request feedback

Ask for feedback, reviews, or testimonials on specific web pages using embeddable display widgets.

Multiple style options

Seamlessly integrate testimonials with your website using cards, list, carousel, or floating display widget styles.

Pre-designed themes

Choose from our selection of pre-designed themes for stylish display and collection widgets that match your brand.

Customizable display

Select which collected fields you want to display on your widgets, like name, title, business, and rating.


Filter the responses that each widget displays by tag, location, staff member, or custom field.


Mobile-friendly display widgets accommodate users across all devices.

Javascript + iframe

With both javascript and iframe embed options, Boast display widgets are easy to use, no developer required.


Integrations help you get the most out of Boast by making it easy to integrate our tools into your existing workflow.

integration features


Set up newly approved testimonials and reviews to automatically publish to your business’ Facebook page.


Leverage Zapier’s 1,500+ integration options and collect more feedback by seamlessly integrating Boast into your existing processes.


Link your Google My Business listing for each location with Boast to enable the ability to request a Google review when positive feedback is submitted.
Why do Google reviews matter?


We’re here to help you get the most out of Boast while best leveraging customer feedback to grow your business.

Knowledge base

Instant access to hundreds of answers about features, troubleshooting, and best practices.


We’re dedicated to helping our customers grow their businesses. We’ve created countless guides about how you can leverage customer feedback to do just that.

Phone, email and chat support

Have a question you can’t find the answer to in our knowledge base? Our team’s here for you via phone, email, and chat 9am – 5pm EST.

Change plans at any time

Easily upgrade or downgrade as your needs change. We’ll prorate your next charge so you only pay for the time spent on each plan.

Free trial

No credit card needed. Try out Boast free for 14 days to see if it will meet your needs.

Cancel at any time

If Boast isn’t meeting your needs, you’re free to cancel at any time.

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