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Collecting testimonials has never been easier.

Boast allows your customers to share praise for your company directly from your website or their mobile phone. From testimonial creation and submission to approval and presentation, we’re making video testimonial collection easier than ever – for you and your customers!

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Collection Made Easy

Collect testimonials directly on your website

With Boast, simply add a piece of code on your website to embed the testimonial collection form. This allows your website visitors to submit video testimonials quickly and easily with any camera-enabled device, including a mobile phone or a laptop.

Showcase praise on your website

Automatically display videos on your site

A simple Boast embed code allows you to automatically display new testimonials on your website. Once a video is submitted, you will be notified to review it. Just log into Boast and approve the new testimonial to make it visible to your website visitors!

Collect more with Kiosk Mode

Collect more testimonials with kiosk mode

With Boast kiosk mode, you can lock your mobile device, such as an iPad, in the Boast mobile application to make it even easier for your customers to submit their testimonials. Kiosk mode is great for collecting testimonials at conferences and events or store fronts.

Collect & display videos in HD

Boast now offers HD video. By upgrading to the Professional or Premium plan you have the ability to collect, display, and download the highest quality video testimonials from your customers. This feature is available through the web platform and the mobile app update is coming soon.

Edit & organize your testimonials

Easily edit any of your submitted testimonials at anytime. See a spelling error? Simply edit the video and fix it. You can even tag your testimonials, which allows you to customize how your testimonials are displayed on your website.

Download submitted videos

You can also download your submitted testimonials whenever you like. Access your videos through the Boast web interface and use the download link to save the original versions of videos submitted by your customers.

Stay informed with Boast statistics

Boast tracks and shows you important information about your account. View how many testimonials have been submitted and see graphs of submission trends. You can also use your Boast dashboard to see how many videos were played each month and the number of times each video was played.

Integrate Boast with Google Analytics

Have Google Analytics installed on your website? Boast automatically logs all video plays directly to your Google Analytics account as a custom event so you can clearly see the value that video testimonials bring to your business.

Share your videos on YouTube

Boast is now fully integrated with YouTube! By connecting your Boast account with YouTube, you can automatically display all your approved videos on your personal or business YouTube channel.

Collect star ratings from your customers

Add the 5 star rating field to your submission form to collect a 1-5 star rating from your customers. This allows you to quickly review customer feedback, product or service ratings, and overall customer satisfaction with a simple metric. Display your star ratings on your testimonial display widget to show off this additional social proof on your website.

Collect testimonials with Boast mobile apps

Get the most out of Boast with our iPhone, iPad or Android application. Simply have your customers download the app, type in their campaign code and submit a testimonial. Your employees can also download the app and record video testimonials from customers in person.

Organize your videos with campaigns & tags

Use campaigns or tags to organize your testimonial submissions. Whether organizing by event, marketing channel, or employee, you can use these tools to segment your testimonials in a way that works best for your brand.

Grow your email list with Boast

Now fully integrated with MailChimp, you can add customer’s information to your email lists when they submit testimonials. Not a MailChimp user? Automatically have access to all of the information that each person submits, and export names, phone numbers and email addresses for use in additional sales and marketing efforts.

Rate testimonials to showcase your favorites

After a video is submitted, you can edit the testimonial and apply your own score of 1 – 5. This allows you to showcase your videos on your website in your favorite order. Display your best videos first, and toward the bottom you can show some of your less popular videos.

Showcase testimonials on your Facebook page

Boast now offers Facebook integration to display all your favorite testimonials on your Facebook business page. You can even choose which testimonials you want to display based on campaign(s), tags, testimonial rating and more!