Collect more testimonials with an all-in-one testimonial management solution.

Everything you need to effectively request, collect, manage, and display video testimonials from your customers.

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A single tool for requesting video testimonials and managing customer feedback.

With Boast, you’ll have all the tools you need to collect online reviews and customer testimonials to grow your business.

Create and customize testimonial collection forms. No technical skills required.

Request feedback to uncover unhappy customers before they turn into negative reviews.

Organize testimonials and approve them to automatically display on your website.

The easier you make it for customers to submit a testimonial, the more likely they are to take action. Boast’s video testimonial collection forms allow you to create beautiful, compelling forms to embed on your website or share directly with your customers via a link.

Email your customers to request feedback, and use the star ratings you receive to understand who you can use as promoters and who needs extra attention. Opt-in to weekly reminders so you never forget to request a testimonial again.

Get notified when new testimonials roll in. Review and approve them to be pushed to your website or social media platforms. Tag and weight them so prospects always see the right testimonial at the right time to give them the confidence they need to take the next step with your business.

Leverage video testimonials and reviews. Grow your business.

Collect Video Testimonials

Collect video testimonials, online reviews and feedback easily. Create a simple form to share with customers so they can provide feedback on your business.

Know who your happiest customers are and who needs more attention, so you can leverage customers who leave the highest ratings to promote your business. Then take the concerns of customers who leave lower reviews offline.

Customer survey form

Request Testimonials

Get more testimonials when you use Boast to send testimonial request emails. Key in a name and email address for each customer to send an email requesting feedback, a review, or a testimonial.

Keep track of who you have requested a testimonial from and whether or not they’ve submitted a testimonial in the Request Testimonials dashboard.

Gift card rewards for customer feedback

Manage Testimonials

Get notified via email every time a new testimonial is submitted. Then view, edit, and approve each video or testimonial to be pushed out to your website or social platforms.

Organize your testimonials with tags and a weight system to make sure your prospects see the right testimonials at the right time.

Manage Online Reviews

Display Testimonials

Leverage your testimonials to build credibility with prospects and win more sales. Customize how your testimonials look and where they show up online.

Showcase praise on your website with Boast display widgets and push video testimonials to social channels with easy integrations.

Ready to get started collecting testimonials for your business?

All of the ways Boast helps your business collect more testimonials

Collection forms

The easier it is for a customer to submit a testimonial, the more likely they are to do it. Boast offers customizable collection forms that can be sent to your customers via a link or embedded on your website

Request testimonials

Email your customers to request a testimonial from within Boast. Upgrade to a Basic, Professional or Premium plan, to be able to enter in the name and email address of your customer, customize your request email, and send out emails to your audience. You can also see which testimonials came in from your requests and which requests have not been fulfilled.

Edit & organize testimonials

Easily edit any of your collected testimonials at anytime. See a spelling error? Simply edit the testimonial and fix it. Don’t like the video thumbnail? Swap it out. You can also tag your testimonials, which allows you to customize how they are displayed on your website.

Testimonial display widgets

Display your hard-earned testimonials on your website for the world to see. Use Boast to create an embed code to paste on your website. Then new testimonials will automatically appear on your website once you approve them.

Video, audio & text testimonials

Video testimonials can be an extremely powerful marketing tool for building credibility with prospects and giving them the nudge they need to work with you. Boast focuses on simplifying the process of collecting video testimonials, but we support text and audio testimonials as well.

HD video collection

Easily collect videos in HD. Upgrade to a Basic, Professional or Premium plan, and you’ll have the ability to collect, request, display, and download the highest quality video testimonials from your customers.

Star ratings

Add the 5 star rating field to your Collection Form to collect a 1-5 star rating from your customers. This allows you to quickly review customer feedback, product or service ratings, and overall customer satisfaction with a simple metric. Display your star ratings on your testimonial display widget to show off this additional social proof on your website.

Conditional thank you messages

If you’re collecting a star rating with Add the 5 star rating field to your submission form to collect a 1-5 star rating from your customers. This allows you to quickly review customer feedback, product or service ratings, and overall customer satisfaction with a simple metric. Display your star ratings on your testimonial display widget to show off this additional social proof on your website.

Weekly request reminders

Sometimes the hardest part of collecting testimonials is remembering to ask. Never forget to ask your raving fans for testimonials when you opt-in to weekly reminders from Boast. We’ll send you an email every week asking if there are any customers you’d like to request a testimonial from.

Testimonial ratings

Apply your own score of 1 – 5 to every testimonial that is submitted. This allows you to showcase your best videos first, and push your less popular videos toward the bottom of your display widget.

Download testimonials

Download your submitted testimonials whenever you like. Access your videos through the Boast web interface and use the download link to save the original versions of videos submitted by your customers.

Testimonial statistics

Boast tracks and shows you important information about your account. View how many testimonials have been submitted and see graphs of submission trends. You can also use your Boast dashboard to see how many videos were played each month and the number of times each video was played.

Feedback kiosk apps

Use the Boast iPhone, iPad or Android feedback kiosk apps to conveniently collect text, audio, and video testimonials when you’re face-to-face with customers. The Boast mobile app is a great option for collecting testimonials at trade shows, in-person events, and storefronts.

Mailchimp & Constant Contact integration

Add contact information to your Mailchimp or Constant Contact email list when a testimonial is collected. Not a MailChimp or Constant Contact user? It’s also easy to export names, phone numbers, and email addresses of submitters for use in additional sales and marketing efforts.

Facebook integration

Display all of your favorite testimonials on your Facebook business page to build credibility with prospects researching your business. Choose which testimonials you want to display based on collection form, tags, star rating, or testimonial weight.

YouTube integration

Automatically display all of your approved video testimonials on your personal or business YouTube channel when you integrate your Boast account with Youtube.

Google Analytics integration

Have Google Analytics installed on your website? Boast automatically logs all video plays directly to your Google Analytics account as a custom event so you can clearly see the value that video testimonials bring to your business.

Multiple users

Need multiple people to access your Boast account? Our Professional and Premium plans allow your entire team to have Boast accounts to help you collect more and better manage testimonials.

Online review management Coming Soon

Build a competition-crushing online review presence by automating your review requests and follow ups with innovative online review software designed with your customers in mind.

Customer survey tools Coming Soon

Simplify the process of creating, distributing, and analyzing customer surveys with intuitive customer survey software designed to help businesses collect and leverage customer feedback.

Gift card incentives Coming Soon

Increase response rates and show customers your appreciation with gift cards to reward them for submitting feedback or incentivize them when you send a request.

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  • Hubspot
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  • Amazon Blink

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