Leverage CES surveys to reduce customer effort and increase loyalty

Customer Effort Score (CES) is a metric for understanding the ease with which customers can get their questions answered or issues resolved. CES surveys are built into Boast, offering visibility and insights into your customer support engine.

What is CES?

When you measure customer effort, you can systematically improve customer experiences. Customer Effort Score (CES) is a metric for understanding the amount of effort it takes customers to solve a problem or get an answer to a question. Customer effort is directly related to customer loyalty, meaning reducing customer effort can have a big impact on your bottom line by reducing churn, increasing referrals, and ultimately boosting revenue.

The CES Survey

You may want to customize CES surveys based on the type of interaction a customer had with your business, but the standard starting point is, “How easy was it to handle your issue?”

Customer Effort Score is typically measured on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 being “very difficult” and 7 being “very easy.” The survey should collect an initial rating and then prompt customers to answer a follow up question about why they gave the rating they did.

Calculating CES

After surveying your customers, categorize them into their appropriate group.


Your CES score can then be calculated based on the average of all responses. This will give you a score ranging from 1 to 7.

Boast offers survey software for measuring Customer Effort Score (CES) within your existing workflow

Boast helps businesses implement CES surveys by integrating with your existing tools, so you can send survey requests at the right time and collect valuable data without even thinking about it.

How businesses benefit from CES surveys

Reduce negative reviews

Know who your most loyal customers are and which customers are merely “satisfied.” Then take appropriate action to turn more customers into Promoters.

Predict future purchase behavior

Customer Effort Score (CES) has been shown to predict whether or not a customer will purchase from you in the future. This provides insights into retention, churn, and potential referral business.

Reduce support tickets

CES surveys provide valuable information about where customers get stuck when trying to solve their problems. Use this information to improve documentation to reduce the number of support requests you receive.

Track trends over time

Because CES is a single question for customers to answer and a single metric to track, it is easy to identify changes over time and make business improvements as needed.

Improve customer loyalty

When you know the struggles and complaints your customers have, you can solve them faster and prevent future customers from having the same experience, fueling customer loyalty and business growth.

Grow your business

Happy customers equate to repeat purchases and referral business. CES surveys help you identify ways to make customers happier to ultimately grow your business.

Why use Boast for your CES surveys?


Easy for customers

Boast offers an awesome customer experience, helping you collect more feedback. From the initial request to responding to your CES survey, Boast removes obstacles for customers that prevent them from responding.


Integrate with existing processes

Integrate Boast with your existing tools to make CES surveys part of your business process. Then set requests on auto-pilot with Sequences.


Robust reporting

From identifying your best customers and those at risk of churning to tracking CES over time on a customer level or across your organization, our robust reports help you gain actionable insights to improve your business.


A single customer feedback platform

Boast is an all-in-one solution for sending CES surveys, managing responses, and analyzing reports, but we also offer robust customer surveys, video testimonials, and more.

Implement CES surveys with Boast today