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93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. Boast provides software to automate review requests so you can get more Google reviews and win over prospects.

Why Google reviews matter for businesses

Increase Organic Reach

Google uses the number of Google reviews you have as well as your overall rating as ranking signals, meaning your Google reviews directly affect who finds your business.

Build Trust

Potential customers will research your business as well as your competition before deciding to work with you. Google reviews establish credibility and instill confidence throughout the sales process.

Win Their Business

When prospects can find you online and see Google reviews from past customers who will vouch for your ability to deliver, you’ll ultimately close more sales and grow your business.

Boast offers Google review software designed to fit your existing workflow.

Boast helps businesses get more Google reviews by integrating with your existing tools to request reviews at the right time, with the right message, through the right medium to get your customers to act.

Tips to get more Google reviews

1. Let customers know you value their input

When asking for a Google review, thank customers for their business and make them feel valued. Your appreciation could be what they need to act.

2. Make your ask at the right time

Timing matters when requesting Google reviews. Consider how long it takes after a purchase for customers to have the experience to leave a knowledgeable review.

3. Remove obstacles and technical hurdles

Test your processes regularly. Consider things like device and browser testing. Watch customers try to submit a review to ensure their experience is smooth.

4. Ask more than once

Don’t get discouraged if customers don’t respond on the first ask. Send follow ups, and make requests across as many platforms as possible – email, social media, in-person, SMS.

5. Automate your requests

Don’t let forgetting to ask prevent you from getting valuable Google reviews. Use a service that will automatically make requests for you when the timing is right.

6. Don’t fear negative reviews

Be prepared to respond to bad reviews, but don’t let fear prevent you from making an ask. Your response to a negative review can be just as valuable as a positive review in the eyes of a prospect evaluating your business.

Why use Boast to get more Google reviews?


Easy for customers

Use Boast’s built-in templates and proven workflows to remove obstacles that prevent customers from submitting a review.


Automate requests

Enroll customers in sequences to automatically request Google reviews at the right time to get them to act.


Integrate with existing processes

Make asking for Google reviews part of your business process by integrating Boast with your existing tools.


A single platform

Don’t stop with Google reviews. Boast supports customer surveys, video testimonials, and more.

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