Request for Data

You are welcome to request what information Boast has about you, your associated data, and a right to receive that in a way that could be portable to another system or processor. This process can be performed with the Boast application at the organization or user account level.

If you make the request at an organizational level it will provide you a JSON document with:  organizational details regarding your account. Boast also has the ability to export key data elements such as: contacts and responses.

If you make the request at an individual user level we will provide you the primary information in that specific users profile that we have stored and tracked.

Please make your request for data within the Boast application.

If you have any questions regarding the contents of the information or did not receive the information you request then you can let us know by filling out the request for data form.

    We can only provide information to the email you provide and only information that is related to that email address.